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Success is peace of mind, my road - I did it myself - Antónia Lukačínová

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Success is peace of mind, my road - I did it myself - Antónia Lukačínová  - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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I have the pleasure of to know well extraordinary people in the industry, who have the unique ability to make every project a success. If we say JetBook, Sapphire Pegasus Awards, Media Tribune, you've certainly heard a lot. Can you imagine that all three projects have the same supersonic engine - Antonia Lukacinova. We've been planning for some time to sit down with Antonia and discuss her journey in the industry, her projects and plans for the future. EBACE 2023 was THE place to record the interview, but a disruptive event changed plans. So once again, we had to adapt. I'm proud to introduce Antonia Lukacinova, her story, her background and her motivation:   

T.O. Antonia, about your way in corporate aviation. Why did you choose this particular industry segment?

A.L. I joined the aviation community shortly after my university studies. Starting in a newly founded company, I had to quickly learn everything from scratch. This gave me ample opportunities to learn about the various aspects of aviation. I got to meet professionals from several parts of aviation while enjoying my own part of it.  Actually, it adds up to almost 20 years of experience.  I feel always challenged to perform and deliver, no matter whether it is in the charter business, aircraft management, promotion or sales. I have initiated the Sapphire Pegasus Awards for outstanding business aviation performance, and JetBook, the world’s most comprehensive guide to the world of business aircraft and helicopters in the world today. Not to forget my Media Tribune – communication and marketing agency. 

T.O. What difference do women bring to the aviation industry?

A.L. I cannot just say “what difference women bring”. I never look at it from that perspective. I experienced being part of many different teams, colleagues, and co-workers and everyone who is part of it, has its own specialization and task.   The working environment of a mixed team is more pleasant to work in, it’s more fun. However, I can definitely say that combined teams perform much better. I believe that it should be a natural for all activities. There are many successful model cases by which we can be inspired. 

T.O. You are a great example of multitasking in the industry. What motivates you?

A.L. Thank you for the compliment.  The journey in my aviation career was one of matching and balancing one segment to others. While my Media Tribune agency is helping companies to better communicate their brands internally and externally, and assisting with their marketing efforts, JetBook was meant as valuable supportive tool for aircraft sales people on the one hand, and potential buyers on the other. 

Sapphire Pegasus Awards was initiated aiming to reward and recognize outstanding performances in aviation; it was also created as project to introduce and create awareness of aviation companies, professional and notable activities. 

Already in my younger years, I believed that every person has its “mission”. I found motivation in every endeavor and activity in my life, I did my utmost to perform to deliver my best to the society that I’m part of. 

T.O. What should attract more ladies in aviation in the future, and especially in business and private aviation?  

A.L. There is a wide range of activities where women with various backgrounds can be involved in from female pilots to customer service representatives. They are already involved in a number of them, but the younger generation should be encouraged to explore what opportunities there are to their liking or their ambitions in this exciting world of aviation. Maybe how aviation is perceived should change. It is an industry like many others that needs accountants and technicians, marketers, and management on top of it. You name it, a woman will fit in any of these roles in aviation.  Communication was my choice and I loved every part of it in every segment.  


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