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Sustainable aviation discussion panel - educating aircraft owners and users - Kevin Singh - Icarus Jet

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Sustainable aviation discussion panel - educating aircraft owners and users - Kevin Singh - Icarus Jet - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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We continue our discussion on sustainable aviation. Each company is doing its best to involve the current regulations on sustainability. How can we be more efficient? What do we need to change in our approach? What are the challenges, the visions, the benefits? This time, exciting exchange with Kevin Singh, Founder and CEO of Icarus Jet. Kevin believes that private aviation can do much more to add value to the sustainability discussion in aviation, like increasing investment in technology, controlling its narrative, and educating aircraft owners and users.

We are happy to share our exchange with the Founder and CEO of Icarus Jet, Kevin Singh, here are some essential points: 

-Sustainability - the ability to reduce carbon emissions and reuse aircraft parts, in the same time, to protect the environment.

-We have to go easier on business aviation industry.

- Taxation is killing the science aspect of the business aviation industry.

- Aviation depends on science and invention. Who's gona to create those more awesome engine that we have? When you start taxing it, proper quit buying it and then the science is gone. Aviation gave so many technologies to other industries, it is more than important.

- Private aviation is responsible for 1,5% of carbon emission but we are an easy target.

- sustainable aviation fuel is still expensive, especially for commercial aviation, the biggest consumer.

- we need to let “big” companies to work on more efficient engines on SAF.

- I am again anybody selling carbon credits, it gives you a false sense of security. We used to do that for our clients. But I don’t have a proof there was a tree planted. The life cycle of a tree will take many years until it will capture carbon emissions.

- the biggest problem in the industry – there is no competition.

- We need efficiency, we need less and less of carbon emissions – planting more trees is great but it is not a solution.

- Have you ever seen a movie where a private jet is presented as an absolute necessity because people do a lot of business, creating so many jobs?

- Ask a question – why do people use private jets?

- Here are things we can do – we have to continuously use NBAA-BACE, EBACE and even Hollywood if we can approach them… we have to go out there and educate people.

- let younger pilots, crew members, engineers be our voice.

- I would request all these young people who are glowing themselves to piece of art and destroying private jets, go to these land fields, educate these people, you can cut 20% of carbon emission right away. So why won’t you do that?

- We must no acknowledge we have a target on our back, so you are the target. You can communicate all you want with politicians, you can communicate with 99% of the world, but we have to realize we are an easy target.  We have to immediately start playing the defense now, while they are soft.

- How we play defense – education, education, education. Using social media, using younger aviation professionals.

- Nobody talks about carbon emissions that comes from war…

- People love math’s, because numbers don’t lie, so we have to use stats on our side. Comparatively what we are doing versus what is causing the climate change.

- It makes us look like a fool when you deny climate change.



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