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Sustainable aviation discussion panel -Resetting Aviation’s Climate Legacy - Puja Mahajan Azzera

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Sustainable aviation discussion panel -Resetting Aviation’s Climate Legacy - Puja Mahajan Azzera - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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To continue our discussion on sustainable aviation it seemed obvious to turn to the experts who assist companies with decarbonization and carbon offsetting What is this simplified experience for everyone to make first steps in their climate journey? We are pleased to present our exchange with CEO and founder of Azzera Puja Mahajan. Puja states that her goal is to make sustainability effortless. After 25 years in aviation industry, Azzera represents for her a return to source in a way, as she studied alternative fuels for the Canadian Department of National Defense and Ballard Power Systems in Vancouver.

Here are some essential points to remember:

-        Start to have a plan – understand where you are now and what is possible to do to go sustainable. If you can measure, you can manage.

-        It is important to turn on your mindset on sustainability

-        Sustainable aviation fuels – a very important part of the road. The pricing is a problem now, but it will go down. We still have a long road to make. It is more that necessary to divert funds for SAF development.

-        Carbon offsetting – a small contribution compared to operational costs, possible here and now and real help

-        Hydrogen aircraft, electric aircraft – I support the amazing development of these technologies.

-        We have to go back to younger generation really promoting aviation as a business that is innovative, that is doing something about sustainability, has made tremendous advancements, because that is the truth. 

-        I was spending last two years of my life focused on this, just because I want to bring changes. I want to do something good for the industry


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