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The San Marino Aircraft Registry at EBACE

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The San Marino Aircraft Registry at EBACE  - Business aviation publisher
Dana Ermolenko
Country: San Marino Aircraft: Airplanes

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of San Marino and its Aircraft Registry continues to grow at an ever increasing rate and can be distinguished by its quality, service and reliability. The CAA's truly global footprint together with a network of highly experienced and dedicated personnel around the world has allowed both our organisations to deliver the right products, to the right markets, at the right time.

The number of aircraft on the Registry continues to grow as a result of the high demand for our quality services from private and commercial operators. To ensure that we continue to meet and surpass your expectations whilst offering a cost-effective service and minimizing the turn-around time in the process, the CAA continues to recruit more highly experienced airworthiness, flight operations and safety inspectors around the globe.

Our service network is strategically positioned to cater for operators located in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Russia, USA, Asia and Africa.

Whether it is the initial or renewal of a C of A inspection, or the approval of a maintenance organisation, the CAA allocates the most conveniently located inspector to travel onsite. When it comes to an application for an Air Operator Certificate, the CAA allocates appropriately qualified Inspectors to oversee the entire certification process to ensure your schedule of events can be met.

Whether you are looking at commercial air transport, air ambulance, aerial work, the CAA will work with you to accommodate your needs whilst meeting all international safety responsibilities. Since the issuance of their first Air Operator Certificate (AOC) to ACASS Europe Srl more than a year ago, the CAA has granted an AOC to three (3) other companies such as, Empire Aviation San Marino Srl, ICS-Aero SM Srl, and TJS San Marino Srl. These AOCs holders have and are in the process of adding several more aircraft to their current San Marino AOC.

There are also four (4) more applications being processed at the moment targeting certification within ninety (90) days.

Should you wish to register your aircraft in San Marino and continue to operate under the AOC of another State the CAA can enter into ICAO Article 83bis agreements with that State. San Marino currently has agreements with Lebanon, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. San Marino CAA and Saudi Arabia GACA are working together to add to the to the Article 83bis agreement, 2 more aircraft operated by current Saudi Arabia AOC holder, whilst adding a new Saudi Arabia AOC holder operating 3 aircraft already registered in San Marino.

To select a maintenance organisation the aircraft owner/operator must ensure that the maintenance organisation is accepted or approved by the State of Registry to carry out the necessary work, and sometimes this can lead to unnecessary delays.

To overcome this problem the CAA continues to expand its list of acceptable maintenance organisations and EASA, FAA, UAE GCAA and Singapore CAAS organisations are approved to perform maintenance on "T7" registered aircraft without requiring formal approval from the CAA. This strategy allows flexibility for the operator and the confidence to find the right maintenance partner regardless of location. 

In regard to Continuing Airworthiness Management and to ensure maintenance is properly executed and documented to the highest possible standards, the CAA has given recognition to approved EASA Part M Subpart G and UAE CAR M Subpart G organisations.

General Aviation operators can apply for a C of A which can be valid for a period of twenty-four (24) months provided there a contract is established with any of these appropriately approved CAMOs. Having an aircraft's health managed by a CAMO gives both the operator and the CAA more assurance the aircraft remains safe and reliable.

For many years trusts have been utilized for the US registration of aircraft owned by trustees for the benefit of non-U.S. citizens. Today, the CAA offers a similar legal framework for non-San Marino citizens for the registration of aircraft. It has been proved that the use of such trusts is of great benefit to the aircraft owner.

For peace of mind San Marino has ratified the Cape Town Convention and has developed Irrevocable De-registration and Export Request Authorisation (IDERA) regulations so that your valuable asset is protected.

Through continued innovation and network expansion both the CAA and its Registry strive to continue to be a safe, efficient service-oriented organisation.

We look forward to meeting with you at EBACE.

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