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Vision Systems exhibits second-generation electronically dimmable window and latest smart interactive window

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Vision Systems exhibits second-generation electronically dimmable window and latest smart interactive window - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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Vision Systems, through its recently created division Smart Lite devoted to the design, production and sales of new dimmable solutions, will present the second-generation Electronically Dimmable Window, Nuance V2, and the latest version of its smart interactive window, Acti-Vision Window, adapted to business aviation. The other exhibited products include Electronically Dimmable Windows for business jets and VIP helicopters, high-end motorized shades, as well as jettisonable helicopter windows with composite frame. Vision Systems will also display its IFE systems dedicated to business aviation.

Vision Systems' electronically dimmable solutions offer a sleek, elegant design adapted to the VIP style of business aviation. They enable passengers to tune the tint of their window from clear to dark to regulate daylight, glare and heat entering in while preserving the view, and enhance visual, thermal and acoustic comfort, for a peaceful atmosphere.

With Nuance V2, Vision Systems continues to widen the gap with its competitors; the new solution provides unprecedented optical quality, with haze as low as 2.5% and clarity as high as 100%.

Based on SPD film and on an innovative interlayer that will integrate UV, IR and hydrophobic barriers, the solution benefits from a new lamination process reducing manual operations in favor of industrial manufacturing to allow better repeatability for enhanced reliability. Nuance V2 also comprises embedded electronics and a laminated touch panel developed in-house, for a more compact easy-to-retrofit solution.

Vision Systems' EDWs offer many advantages over other systems. Based on SPD technology (Suspended Particle Device), they provide infinite variable shading from fully clear to an extremely dark state and instant response time. They automatically switch to their darkest possible state when unpowered keeping the interior cooler on the tarmac and reducing air conditioning consumption. These solutions block harmful UV light (and IR as an option), and their fabrication involves noise barriers to keep the cabin quieter. Vision Systems' EDWs also deliver a weight reduction of about 30% compared with motorized shades, and do not add weight in comparison to a window with a manual shade. Furthermore, they have no moving parts as the electronics are fully integrated, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. They can be incorporated into flat or curved surfaces (2D, 3D), use plastic or composite glass. All these solutions can come as a whole to replace the entire window.

Vision Systems' range of dimmable solutions includes bespoke privacy systems and dividers. Besides, all these solutions can interface with any Cabin Management System.

The company will also display high-end motorized roller and pleated shades with synchronizing system and diagnosis assistance. These shades are customizable and offer a high-quality fit and finish.

As for IFE, Vision Systems will exhibit the latest version of Acti-Vision Window adapted to business aviation. This smart interactive window allows the passenger to interact through a touchscreen with information and on-board services displayed on the window, such as interactive maps, business information, daily news, or meal & drink orders. The background can be adjusted from clear to dark for perfect contrast and readability. Priority announcements or specific content can be pushed through the Flight Attendant Panel onto a particular window.

Lastly, the company will unveil its wireless IFE systems dedicated to business jets, with external or integrated Wi-Fi access point, offering Wi-Fi connection for broadcast and HD-quality AVOD on PEDs including "DRM approved" streaming and daily press. Options include cabin management, moving map, or a switch on the tablet from the IFE media center to a Blu-Ray player connected to the box.

Different configurations are possible with personal or loaned tablets. For each customer, Vision Systems develops a customized interface and content. Software upgrade and audio & video content are rapidly downloadable by USB or on ground 3G/4G connection. Vision Systems' solution is scalable and flexible as well as being easy to install, to retrofit and to maintain. Vision Systems can be the single contact for installation, maintenance operation, and content update.

Some of Vision Systems' customer references in aeronautics include: Dassault, Epic, Airbus Helicopters, RUAG, HondaJet, BCA, Sabena Technics, ATR, SuperJet International, La Compagnie, Embraer, Amac Aerospace, Boeing…

Please enjoy Vision Systems’ video on EDWs

Please enjoy Vision Systems' video on IFE

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