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Why every aircraft owner needs to know about ADS-B Out

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Why every aircraft owner needs to know about ADS-B Out - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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The New Avionics Regulations Affecting You: ADS-B Out

In private aviation, a frequently requested avionics compliance is ADS-B Out. In short, ADS-B Out is a communication system that broadcasts where your aircraft is at all times. With it, aircraft can automatically communicate their location between other aircraft and with the air traffic control system. It should improve collision avoidance capabilities, as well as improve data transmission to air traffic control. “ADS-B” stands for Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast and “Out” means the capability of the aircraft to transmit their information to other aircraft and air traffic control.

Is this a requirement or something I can choose to have or not? This is already a requirement in some places. Asian airspace requires the use of ADS-B Out. The USA and EU airspaces will implement this requirement in 2020. However, if you are an EU based owner who takes frequent trips to Asia, you may want to consider implementing this avionics requirement in order to continue your operations there.

You will need to upgrade the avionics in addition to the transponders. There are a number of solutions in existence, and many of the smaller and older aircraft will likely implement some very innovative solutions that exist for the light aircraft segment (some of which have remarkably low costs). Integrating this system into the existing avionics system can be costly, as it requires a collation and transmission of data that previously was not conceived, and therefore it can be quite an expensive upgrade.

Given the extended period of time before compliance is due for the EU and USA, there is not a rush to upgrade aircraft like with the other FANS and CPDLC requirements. Nevertheless, it is becoming a common question potential buyers ask for the aircraft we sell. As the deadline approaches, we anticipate that buyers will pay more attention to aircraft that already comply with ADS-B Out and give them an initial priority in their aircraft search.

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