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As a child what did you dream of becoming when you grew up?

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As a child what did you dream of becoming when you grew up? - Events / Festivals publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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Among a lot of thing not to be missed at the Paris Air Show 2019, here is one of amazing one, letting you dream even more and discover the Artificial Intelligence.

The digital revolution affords us a glimpse of the true potential of IoT, Cybersecurity, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and the threats they could pose. Of these four digital technology pillars, none are more evocative as Artificial Intelligence. Humans tend to antropomorphise abstract concepts, to give them a voice and a face, and few have been more popularised in fiction as an existential threat, than the notion of machines rising against humans. This year, at the Paris Air Show, Thales pulls back the curtain to try and provide a glimpse of how AI should actually be viewed, not with distrust but with an understanding of how it should be, transparent, understandable and ethical. This year we unveil the Thales TrUE AI approach.

The Thales TrUE AI approach stands for Transparent AI, where users can see the data used to arrive at a conclusion. Understandable AI, that can explain and justify the results and finally an Ethical AI, that follows objective standards protocols, laws, and human rights. This approach permeates theGroup’s offering at the Paris Air Show 2019, by seeking to glean an AI that puts the human back in control. To demonstrate this, visitors will be taken through a journey to discover how AI will make our world more secure, more efficient and most importantly, put the human at the centre. The journey will begin by asking you a simple question:

“As a child what did you dream of becoming when you grew up?”

To answer it we will show you the world through the eyes of a Fighter Pilot, an Air Force General, a Globetrotting Traveler, an Airline Captain, an Astronaut and an Airspace Manager. How their world is transformed through the Thales TrUE AI approach, and how our customers, the people who make the world go around, are helped to think smarter, act faster and make critical decisions in an environment where there exists no margin of error because lives are often at stake.

This year the Group will be hosting a series of conferences delving into a variety of critical subjects, from the concept of TrUE AI by Thales Director of AI research David Sadek, the management of the 

drone ecosystem, to the future of Human Factors in cockpits by Dr. Sylvain Hourlier one of theworld’s foremost experts in Human Machine Interfaces. The conferences will be held at the Thales pavilion and are open to the public.

Thales’s policy of partnering with Startups and innovative SMEs is renowned throughout the industry and at this year’s edition of the Paris Air Show the Group will showcase this with interventions and conferences by not less than five startups like eOdyn, a startup that disrupts our understanding of ocean dynamics through the use of Big Data, Delfox, a specialist in AI for Aerospace and Defence.

In its efforts to strengthen its AI offering, Thales also announces it has acquired AI startup Psibernetix to help create Certifiable AI. Originally made famous by its aerial combat application called ALPHA,which consistently defeated the world’s top pilots in simulated air combat, Psibernetix is a pioneer incomputationally efficient AI technologies. The acquisition will establish explainable AI processes for applications in safety-critical environments.

The seminal new technologies unveiled this year include:

  •   FlytX the new generation connected cockpit for civil and military aircraft and helicopters

  •   How the digital revolution makes collaborative combat possible through sharing and applying vast amounts of information. 

  •   How AI will help us safely integrate commercial drones in the aerospace ecosystem

The people who make the world go round – they rely on Thales. Our customers come to us with big ambitions: to make life better, to keep us safer. Combining a unique diversity of expertise, talents and cultures, our architects design and deliver extraordinary, high-technology solutions. Solutions that make tomorrow possible today. From the bottom of the oceans to the depths of space and cyberspace, we help our customers think smarter and act faster – mastering ever greater complexity at every decisive moment along the way.

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