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CARIBAVIA 2022 - personal travel security - session by Frederick Reitz

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CARIBAVIA 2022 - personal travel security - session by Frederick Reitz - Events / Festivals publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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Personal Travel Security - I must confess, I was especially interested in this session during CARIBAVIA 2022. For me it means a lot, my personal travel security. Last two years of pandemic didn't really help to improve passenger’s behavior. So, the presentation by Frederick Reitz, CEO and Founder of SAFEsky was more than welcome.

Plus, already before coming to the event, all the audience was very much looking forward for this session with practical self defense demonstrations by Aarti Baran, former World Champion Martial Arts and holder of 6 black belts. 

So, how do you ensure your personal travel security? Where and when does it starts? Many questions, many case studies and videos, recommendations how to do the best for each of us.

Your long-awaited flight to dream holidays or your flight for business, or your flight to see your family… Where it starts? Airport – check in and security check. Are you getting ready for that? Do you check all entry rules and regulations if it is an international travel? Do you get ready to the security check by eliminating dozens of different objects in your pockets? How do you react if something goes wrong at the check-in or security check? Once on the plane, are you sure to do your best for a smooth boarding? In case of any conflict situation during the flight, how do you react? What do you do to take care of your security?  As you see – many points an issues and questions. And I would say we all still need to learn a lot to make our air travel safer, more relaxed and confident. 

I was sure to be able to interview Frederick Reitz the same evening, but.. He was like Cinderella, flew back to US so fast, that we had to proceed with a Zoom interview.

CLICK and enjoy the video :

And now attention! Watch and learn how to protect yourself in case and a dangerous situation during your flight - practical self defense demonstrations by Aarti Baran. CLICK and enjoy the video :

The conclusion is quite simple and obvious: I hope to proceed with some educational content, together with SAFEsky to give as much as possible of useful. information how to make our flights safe, pleasant and confident.


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