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CARIBAVIA Vision - conclusions and the impact

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CARIBAVIA Vision - conclusions and the impact - Events / Festivals publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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As promised, we are back for Episode 3 of the interview with Cdr. Bud Slabbaert. Once again, we are discussing the full concept and vision for Caribbean Airlift. 

Q. We've discussed already some very important points of step-by-step development and now can you share with us your vision CARIBAVIA Airlift Council?

A. CARIBAVIA Airlift Council is an independent and impartial entity with neither political ambitions, nor geographical limitations. Caribbean Airlift Council recognizes that airlift is of critical importance to the economic and social development and well-being of the communities of the Caribbean region.

All aviation and travel segments in the Caribbean region have similar interests and have similar hurdles to deal with. There is also common interest by tourism and hospitality stakeholders. Airlift is the common denominator of both industries. 

The Caribbean Airlift Council aims to stimulate growth and improvement of airlift, identify and remove unnecessary impediments, and improve the air transportation methods and services to, from, and between the territories of the Caribbean, in order to accelerate the sustainable positive economic and social development in the region. It shall initiate and establish partnerships, community platforms, strategies, and educational programs to support airlift development that is needed for creating a relevant international market and business environment, and that fulfills the needs for affordable uncomplicated air transportation serving the Caribbean communities.

CARIBAVIA Airlift Council aims to establish a relationship of understanding, trust and professionality in meetings with industry representatives as well as government authorities.  

CARIBAVIA Airlift Council shall be available for

  • independent consulting
  • finding interdepartmental comprehensive solutions 
  • functions similar to those of a court of arbitration in case of conflicting situations

Governments of the various territories, especially the smaller ones, are in need of having specialized expertise available for the planning and implementation of their projects, and often consultants are hired at a high expense. CARIBAVIA Airlift Council may be approached by government authorities to assist in finding the most appropriate consulting or development companies. CARIBAVIA Airlift Council may assist by giving preliminary evaluations, or provide an impartial non-binding second opinion, or assist in supervision of a project. CARIBAVIA Airlift Council may be approached for making feasibility studies or impact projections.

CARIBAVIA Airlift Council will follow needs, standards and requirements, yet apply innovative concepts to make propositions and recommendations to the best of its knowledge and to find optimal solutions.   

They will be based on the expertise and competence of its CARIBAVIA associates and professionals.

Major public or industry associations are not quite able to deal with airlift matters and dilemmas of the Caribbean because they may be too specialized and representing only one, or just a part of one industry segment. Too often the Subregion Caribbean is categorized under ‘Latin America and Caribbean’ or ‘North America and Caribbean’, yet the region has its own unique complexities and dilemmas. Subsequently the region is treated as a stepchild.  CARIBAVIA Airlift Council aims to offer the solution.

CARIBAVIA AIRLIFT COUNCIL shall be the umbrella entity of all CARIBAVIA activities and represent the airlift interests for all the various stakeholders in the Caribbean. So far, the CARIBAVIA VISION and its ultimate goals.

Q. Would you agree if I say that having a vision is only half of getting there? The question is quite simple, what it will bring to the economy of the region, what will be the impact, how it can change the region?

A. Obviously! Only when we explore and dare going too far, we will discover how far we can go! Let me tell you my point of view concerning the impact and benefits for the region.

Positive impact of CARIBAVIA on local economy and employment

The CARIBAVIA projects will have a positive economic impact on the location where it will have its domicile.  The various CARIBAVIA activities (conference, thinktanks, workshops) may result in a form of education and science tourism as visitors will need accommodations to stay overnight.

The projects will need a number of local employees. However, it should be understood that the project requires the involvement of highly qualified topic specific professionals from abroad who are needed and be able to assist in projects on location. Having these professionals on location will provide an opportunity to motivate young local talent and to prepare them for a future career.  CARIBAVIA aims to observe the principles of gender equality.

CARIBAVIA impact on young people

The envisioned CARIBAVIA Learning Resource Center and the Research and Development Center are sources of knowledge and information that can be an inspiration for young people to become involved or be encouraged to look at educational opportunities that will have a significant impact on their future careers and subsequently a high-income level. CARIBAVIA intends to share as much as possible with the local community through developing educational presentations and programs, as well as through supporting social interactive events.  CARIBAVIA aims to appeal to young people’s curiosity, their taste for exploration and discovery and their pioneering spirit.

Investment interest

Well educated and trained individuals are the human capital of a location or region. The availability of human capital is one of the premises for foreign investment. Presence of institutions such as the CARIBAVIA R&D Center and the CARIBAVIA Institute for Higher Learning make it more interesting as   industry is looking for innovation and progressing intelligence.

CARIBAVIA media exposure and promotion

The uniqueness of the CARIBAVIA projects will find media exposure worldwide of which the domicile location will benefit with an image of being progressive, an attractive tourism and potential foreign investment destination. Because the CARIBAVIA projects will result in new frequent research findings, progress in development and its conferences and educational events, the reports will be covered by general and industry subject specific media (aviation, tourism, economy, education, etc.).  

CARIBAVIA shall be considered a gift and asset to its hosting communities and its supporting associates and friends, and especially to the younger generation that will be prepared to conceive and determine the future of the Caribbean!

Thank you Bud! We are very much looking forward to be a part of 5th Caribbean Aviation MeetUp and discuss CARIBAVIA Vision with all industry professionals as well as other interested parties!

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