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CARIBAVIA Vision for Caribbean Airlift - episode 2

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CARIBAVIA Vision for Caribbean Airlift - episode 2 - Events / Festivals publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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We hope you enjoyed the first part of the interview with Cdr. Bud Slabbaert. For those who are joining us for the first time, we should remind, that we are discussing the full concept and vision for Caribbean Airlift. In case you missed – just find the first part on the platform, we are moving forward.

Q. So we heard about CARIBAVIA Learning Resource Center and Public Outreach program, what are next steps?

A. Everything is related, and one point completes and helps to develop previous ones, so the next step or next peace of puzzle would be CARIBAVIA Speakers Bureau. CARIBAVIA Learning Resource Center shall also manage a ‘Speakers Bureau’, which will be a roster of associated or visiting professional speakers and presentations that are available to audiences of various community groups (e.g., Schools, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Libraries, Community Events, etc.) with the intention of informing, inspiring and motivating an audience.

Q. How you will combine classroom with remote classroom education?

A. To combine classroom with remote classroom education, Tele-Presence shall be accommodated. So, we are talking about CARIBAVIA TELE-PRESENCE AND TELE-IMMERSION FACILITY.

Tele-Presence is a technology that will enable users in different geographic locations to come together in a simulated environment to interact. The rooms on either side look the same to deliver the illusion that meeting participants in two or more sites at completely different locations are in the same room. Persons are life-size on the screens.

Participants will feel like they are looking, talking, and meeting with each other face-to-face in the same room. 

Tele-immersion goes one step further. It involves the construction of a three dimensional (3D), realistic holographic environment. Existing video conferencing applications lack this dimensionality and realism. Participants at geographically remote sites can collaborate in real time in a shared, simulated, hybrid environment submerging in one another's presence and feel as if they are sharing the same physical space. Tele-immersive systems significantly change educational, scientific, and manufacturing paradigms.

Having 3D reconstructed 'real' objects coupled with 3D virtual objects can be crucial for the successful fulfillment of the tasks. Some tasks would not be possible to complete without having such combination of sensory information.

Users can also interact with shared non-existent virtual objects placed in the environment with them.

To achieve this effect, computers are used that recognize the presence and movements of individuals and objects, tracking those individuals and images, and reconstructing them onto one stereo-immersive surface. 3D reconstruction for tele-immersion is performed using stereo, which means two or more stereo (depth) cameras take rapid sequential shots of the same object, continuously performing distance calculations, and projecting them into the computer-simulated environment, as to replicate real-time movement.

Q. Everything we’ve discussed so far seems to be a solid base for research and development center, something to create condition to develop own innovative solutions?

A. Exactly. Our next step is CARIBAVIA RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER. The development of a CARIBAVIA R&D Center is a crucial element to contribute to the development and dissemination of new rigorous evidence and innovative products, methods or technologies that provide practical solutions to issues, confrontations and problems that must not be overlooked in the Caribbean. 

CARIBAVIA R&D Center shall be the place where scientists and engineers will meet, plan, investigate, and test methods, technologies and products typical for the Caribbean region (e.g. interisland trade and transportation, archipelago geography, small island issues, hurricane impact, etc.). The Caribbean may be a test ground or laboratory for studying any kind of impact of its entire or its individual components, as well as how extreme external conditions may be of impact.  The conclusions and solutions may be applied in other regions worldwide with geographic or socio-economic similarities.  The findings may on their turn encourage other positive developments which will support economic and industrial advances and may benefit humanity and environment.

Complex projects that the CARIBAVIA R&D Center is involved in, shall have the interest of multiple industry stakeholders. They will be interested to cooperate and find innovative solutions. It represents an opportunity whereby new products or services may complement the existing ones in a united effort. On the one hand it will be a donation by the industry to a good cause, on the other hand it is an opportunity to develop innovations that may result in new business opportunities.

It may be wise for interested stakeholders to invest in the developments of the CARIBAVIA R&D Center as it becomes a test lab where new materials and innovative techniques will be experienced.

The CARIBAVIA R&D Center shall have simulators used for training purposes with sets of controls designed to provide a realistic imitation of complex systems or operations. Foreseen are:

  • Aircraft simulator
  • Air traffic control simulator 

Periodical CARIBAVIA ThinkTank Summits shall be organized to establish new relations and gather fresh knowledge that will support the implementation of current projects and provide inspiration and feedback for additional and future projects.

The CARIBAVIA R&D Center will:

  • provide leadership in defining research and development directions within its topic areas
  • attract scientists, engineers and students to visit the location.
  • be subject to worldwide media exposure of new development or discovery function as an educational resource center.
  • create opportunities for cooperation with other educational institutions of various levels for the development of new dedicated programs and conducting supplemental research.
  • extend the dissemination of its findings though online educational and informational offerings.
  • inspire the future plans of young people in the community and region.  

It is envisioned that the CARIBAVIA R&D Center shall find its own place in the international community of Research and Development Centers. 

Q. Having CARIBAVIA research and development center means that you have to think about the source of highly qualified force working there, means also the source of that “brain force”.

A.You see where it goes -CARIBAVIA INSTITUTE OF HIGHER LEARNINGThrough the development of the CARIBAVIA education programs, the CARIBAVIA Learning Resource Center and the CARIBAVIA Research and Development Center, the organization shall be prepared to become an Institute of Higher Learning. 

CARIBAVIA associates and the participants in all activities will be some of the best scientists, engineers, industry experts and other respected professionals from any thinkable segment and function that the covers airlift in a wider sense. The CARIBAVIA Institute of Higher Learning shall maintain high levels of academic and scientific accuracy while employing best educational practices.  

The CARIBAVIA Institute programs shall touch on subjects varying from air traffic control to airport management, aviation safety to aircraft crew training, from destination marketing to client/passenger services.  

Multi semester programs with recognized certification and ultimately accreditation shall be offered. Students from the region can stay in their region to be educated and trained on matters that affect the region and shall become members of a highly qualified and competent work force that will serve the region. 

Brain drain in the region shall be exchanged by brain gain. The CARIBAVIA Institute shall also appeal to students from abroad to come to the Caribbean to learn about subjects that cover unique professional skill circumstances and a unique work environment.

To be continued! As a teaser info, we will discuss with Cdr.Bud Slabbaert the CARIBAVIA Airlift Council , so stay tuned for the episode 3!

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