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Dassault Large-Cabin Falcon Line is approaching ABACE 2019

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Dassault Large-Cabin Falcon Line  is approaching ABACE 2019 - Events / Festivals publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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Every business aviation professional should be ready for the final approach of Dassault Falcon Line for ABACE 2019! There are things to see, to learn, to find out and to participate in!

Dassault Aviation will showcase its advanced Falcon 8X ultra-long-range trijet at ABACE, also featuring the 8X's popular Falcon 7X sibling.

Today, China represent nearly 80% of the 50-plus Falcons currently in service in the country and is one of the hottest markets for the Falcon 8X and 7X. 

Dassault will also actively promote its new Falcon 6X ultra-widebody twinjet, which is on track for certification and initial deliveries in 2022. The 5,500 nm / 10,186 km 6X will be the most spacious, modern and versatile twin in its class and will draw on many of the advanced features of the 8X, including an ultra-quiet cabin and unrivalled airport capabilities.

"Chinese customers appreciate the unparalleled safety, state-of-the-art technology and cabin comfort – particularly the smooth, quiet flight and seamless in-flight connectivity – offered by the Falcon 8X and 7X, qualities that will also be featured in the Falcon 6X," said Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation. "With the Asia-Pacific market showing signs of expansion and China's Belt and Road Initiative underway, we have an increasingly optimistic outlook for the years ahead." 

Falcon 8X: the new ultra-long range standard

The 6,450 nm / 12,000 km Falcon 8X can connect Beijing with New York, Hong Kong with London and Shanghai with Los Angeles nonstop, yet land at difficult-to-access airfields such as London City Airport and Aspen that are off limits to most other long-range business jets.

The 8X offers an unusually broad selection of standard cabin configurations, including a shower option and a large entryway with a certified crew rest for very long flights. The aircraft industry's leading digital flight controls offer exceptionally smooth flying comfort and its seamlessly connected cabin features the latest in high-speed connectivity. Its cabin is bright, spacious and the quietest in business aviation. 

Acoustical insulation features innovative, light-weight noise-absorbing materials, making the Falcon 8X even quieter than the 7X – long the industry benchmark in cabin comfort.

The 8X comes with a wide range of state-of-the-art options, including Dassault's revolutionary FalconEye Combined Visual System, the first civil head-up display to combine synthetic and enhanced vision capabilities, and FalconConnect, a new broadband inflight connectivity service that integrates all cockpit and cabin ground-based and satellite communications into a single bundled offering, making onboard connectivity systems easy to use and consumption simple to manage and control.

Falcon 8X aircraft equipped with FalconEye recently gained operational credit for low visibility approaches with 100 foot minima – an enhancement that provides users with a significant operational benefit in addition to significant improvement in pilot situational awareness.

Falcon 7X: unrivaled versatility and operating economy

The 5,950 nm / 11,020 km Falcon 7X can connect Shanghai directly with destinations throughout the Asia-Pacific region as well as with most of Europe and the Western United States. 

Featuring advanced systems derived from military aircraft and an whisper-quiet, roomy interior that allows passengers to disembark fresh and relaxed after a 13-hour flight, the 7X offers exceptional operating economy and versatility, including the ability to serve ultra-confined, elevated and hot airfields that are typically inaccessible to large jets. The large trijet, for example, is approved for operation at China's Daocheng Yading Airport, the world's highest-elevation commercial facility.

Falcons: ideal for multirole applications

Thanks to their unrivaled combination of reliability, range and operating cost, all Falcons are widely sought after for multirole applications such as maritime patrol, air ambulance and government VIP service. Eight countries in the Asia-Pacific region operate Falcons in multirole or governmental service, many based on the Falcon 2000 family, whose robust, versatile and cost-efficient platform is particularly well suited for multirole use. A 2000LX operated by Beijing 999 Emergency Rescue Centre is the first Chinese fixed-wing aircraft fully equipped for air medevac service. 

Customer Service Continues Expansion

In addition to the acquisition earlier this year of the MRO activites of ExecuJet and Tag Aviation intended to broaden Dassault's global footprint and improve its ability to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, Dassault continues to reinforce its customer support network in China and the surrounding region. 

The company currently has an Authorized Service Center in Shanghai that offers a full range of MRO services – from A and B checks through heavy maintenance – for all in-production Falcon models registered in China, Hong Kong, Macau, several other Asia-Pacific countries, the U.S. and Europe 

Customers can also access Authorized Service Centers in two additional high-traffic locations in China. The facility at Beijing Capital Airport provides line and unscheduled maintenance for Chinese-registered Falcon 7X aircraft, while the ExecuJet center at Binhai International Airport in Tianjin provides line maintenance for the 7X.

"We are committed to doing whatever we can to provide the best possible product support," said Kathy Liu, Dassault Aviation Director of Customer Support for Asia-Pacific. "Whether improving or expanding support infrastructure or offering new support solutions, our mission is to continually maximize the value of Falcon aircraft and optimize the customer experience."

Maintaining a large Falcon spares inventory -- more than six million USD's worth in China plus another 30 million USD elsewhere in the region – facilitates customer transactions and saves time and money. Together, Dassault Asia-Pacific spares depots allow operators to immediately access the top 3,000 high-demand parts for in-production aircraft.

ABACE Falcon Customer Service Seminar on April 17

Dassault Falcon will again hold a Falcon Maintenance & Operations seminar in conjunction with ABACE. Scheduled for April 17, the seminar will focus on technical issues for Asia-Pacific customers and will aim to help Falcon aircraft operators improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of their operations. Topics will range from the latest customer service and engineering support initiatives to enhancements in troubleshooting and product reliability.

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