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Innovations by Safran at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg

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Innovations by Safran at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg - Events / Festivals publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: Germany

Aircraft Interiors Expo Safran's three stands: lots to discover!  The main stand 7B40 in Hall B7, stand 4C20 in IFEC, and at stand 4E10 at WTCE Expo

At the Group's main stand, Safran Seats is showing its large range of business, premium economy and economy class seats for single-aisle and widebody commercial jets. Safran Seats addresses the requirements of airlines, which expect greater operational efficiency, and passengers, who expect a comfortable flight. By utilizing new materials, new production technologies and more ergonomic designs, Safran Seats rises to this double challenge.

In the ECOS Cabin mock up at the main stand, Safran Cabin will showcase innovative solutions to optimize the cabin space to ensure a safe and comfortable flying experience for passengers and crew. Additionally it presents how premium cabin service can be provided with the NUVO line of galley inserts with best in class ovens and beverage makers. Also at the main stand, Safran Aerosystems will be displaying its latest offerings, such as the Revolution Toilet which offers water savings system and improves maintainability.

At the associated World Travel Catering Expo (WTCE), Safran Cabin will showcase its range of Hybrite S trolleys, and SOPHY, a new connectivity-enabled solution for trolleys.

Safran will also be in the IFEC (In-Flight Entertainment & Communications) zone, as it showcases its latest IFEC technologies, especially the latest RAVE (Reliable, Affordable and Very Easy) in-flight entertainment system.

Business seat comfort, intimacy and personalization

The OPTIMA business class seat, for widebody commercial jets like Airbus A330 and A350 and Boeing 777 and 787, optimizes the use of space in two ways: an angled installation enables direct access to the aisle for all passengers, while ensuring optimized space for each passenger, outfitted for total comfort. The state-of-the-art Skylounge Coreseat was developed for the Airbus A330 and Boeing 787, giving passengers a larger living space with a 20-inch lie-flat seat. With these new seats, airlines can also personalize their cabins. In fact, the Skylounge Core won the Janus award for excellence from the Institut Français du Design in December 2018 because it meets all five "E" criteria: economics, esthetics, ergonomics, ethics and emotions.



Airlines are looking to offer greater comfort and intimacy for their business class passengers, to further improve the travel experience and stand out from the competition. Safran Seats has developed a flexible door, using soft materials, for easy integration with the seat and a minimum impact on the passenger's space to provide an in-flight experience very similar to first class. This flexible door easily adapts to the company's new-generation VERSA seats, arranged in a chevron pattern in the cabin. In addition to the comfort of a lie-flat position and greater intimacy, this layout also allows airlines to increase the number of passengers.


Optimized storage and high-quality in-flight services 

The ECOS overhead bin is now also available in a fixed-shelf version. This variant retains the capacity of the ECOS pivoting bin, while offering easier loading than other large-capacity bins. These overhead bins are lighter, take up less space in the cabin and also feature an easy-to-close door. Like the entire ECOS product line, this latest version can be retrofitted on the Airbus A320.

The new SOPHY application is designed to improve in-flight services. Through a simple universal add-on, the airline can localize and follow their trolleys through the entire process chain. Operational and business information is provided on the key milestones in your operation including handover, cleaning, food quality, stock and maintenance insights.


Frank Rogozienski / CAPA Pictures / Safran

In Flight Entertainment and Power Supply systems

Safran Aerosystems will be showing its RAVE family of in-flight entertainment systems in the IFEC zone at the exhibition. Each screen can offer passengers an audio input using their own Bluetooth headphones, along with 4K high-definition video. The RAVE system features lightweight, independent and energy-efficient screens, along with storage solutions for all content.

In the same zone, Safran is showing a new generation of A+C In Seat type USB electrical power systems. Capable of charging most types of personal electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., these sockets can provide up to 45 W of power to each passenger.


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