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Now THAT'S a low flying aircraft!

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Now THAT'S a low flying aircraft! - Events / Festivals publisher
Krista Kuznecova
Country: France Aircraft: Airplanes
Source: Daily Mail

Tourists at a beauty spot got the fright of their lives after a low-flying aircraft zoomed past them just a few feet off the ground.

The Bombardier 415 was spotted coming in for a refill at Lake Villeneuve de la Raho in the Pyrenees after helping battle a spate of forest fires in the south of France.

Known as Canadian Water Bombers, the aircraft are specially-designed for firefighting and have been used around the world since 1994. 

The Bombardier 415 comes in at a very low altitude as it heads for a lake in the Pyrenees, France, pictured

The Bombardier 415 comes in at a very low altitude as it heads for a lake in the Pyrenees, France, pictured

Tourists in the Pyrenees capture the moment a low-flying Bombardier 415 zoomed just feet above the ground

Tourists were taken by surprise after a firefighting plane zoomed past them just a few feet above the ground as it landed in the lake in the south of France to reload water after battling blazes in the region

There are thought to be 90 of the aircraft made

The sight was quickly captured on camera by a number of tourists before the plane dropped into the nearby lake.

It can carry up to 1,349 gallons of water and was aiding some 2,500 firefighters in France after they were called to the southern tip of the country to battle the blaze that spread across thousands of acres and destroyed homes - but spared the city of Marseilles.


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