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Green Aerolease expands its electric aircraft rental offer with new-generation thermal aircraft

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Green Aerolease expands its electric aircraft rental offer with new-generation thermal aircraft - Finance publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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Green Aerolease, Europe leading electric aircraft rental company, is extending its offer to include low-consumption thermal-powered flight training aircraft (-50% compared with historical aircraft). Residual CO2 emissions are offset by the use of electric aircraft (via the Aero4Good association). This allows flight clubs and professional flight schools to offer a 0 net emission flight training course from start till the end.

Green Aerolease offers an all-inclusive aircraft rental service. Designed for aeronautical operators, this service facilitates access to new propulsion technologies, particularly electric ones, which are more respectful of the environment. For the past 3 years, Green Aerolease has been deploying the first certified electric aircraft in Europe, Pipistrel's Velis Electro. To date, some thirty electric aircraft have been deployed in Europe via this rental service, mainly in France, but also in the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and Germany.

To complement the electric offer and further accelerate the decarbonization of aviation, Green Aerolease is now offering 2 new aircraft for rental: the Velis Club and the Explorer from the same manufacturer, Pipistrel. These two fuel-efficient aircraft, with a consumption of around 15l per flight hour, already allow a 50% reduction in fuel consumption compared with the aircraft traditionally used in flying clubs. This is made possible by more efficient engines and optimized aerodynamics.

Green Aerolease thus offers a complete solution for renewing the entire fleet of flying clubs and flying schools. The Velis Electro is ideally suited to the first two-thirds of training for handling and familiarization flights, while the Velis Club or Explorer allow the end of training to be dedicated to "navigation" flights, longer flights requiring greater autonomy. In addition, the Explorer is equipped with avionics allowing instrument flight training in visual meteorological conditions for pilots wishing to train for IFR. These two fuel-efficient thermal aircraft are the perfect complement to the electric aircraft for the training fleet of flying clubs and professional flying schools.

The addition of these two aircraft to its rental offer is intended to allow Green Aerolease to accelerate the deployment of electric aircraft. Indeed, one of the obstacles identified to the deployment of the Velis Electro, a finely-piloted electric aircraft, was the switch by student pilots to the thermal aircraft already present in flying clubs, with a significantly different type of handling, beyond propulsion. This obstacle has now been overcome, thanks to the fact that the 3 aircraft offered for rent have identical airframes.

Charles Cabillic, founder of Green Aerolease, commented: "By integrating Pipistrel's Velis Club and Explorer into our rental offer, in addition to the Velis Electro, we are taking a step forward in accelerating the environmental transition of aviation. We are now in a position to offer a comprehensive and coherent training fleet solution to aeroclubs and flying schools to maximize the use of electric aircraft. In addition to electric aircraft, these fuel-efficient new-generation thermal aircraft allow us to pave the way for the decarbonization of light aviation. In this way, we are already minimizing the CO2 emissions and noise pollution associated with pilot training, while awaiting the marketing of electric aircraft suitable for travel."



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