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JetCrew pioneers corporate flight attendant training and placement defining premium services benchmark

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JetCrew pioneers corporate flight attendant training and placement defining premium services benchmark - Maintenance / Trainings publisher
Krista Kuznecova
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JetCrew, a subsidiary of Jetsolution Aviation Group, established in early 2017, has proudly launched a progressive training program for corporate flight attendants, extending the group's business vision in service perfection. The objective of the training is to provide high-level cabin service enhancement and safety training to aircraft owners and operators, enabling their aircrew to deliver bespoke premium cabin services for the VIPs on each private journey.

JetCrew has been recognized in the business aviation industry since its launch. Its instructors and specialists were recently invited to deliver speech themed “Décor for the Bespoke Jet” for the Beijing Business Aviation Association. In addition, JetCrew conducts a range of safety and emergency procedures as well as crew resources management training for pilots, engineers and flight attendants. Its renowned corporate flight attendant transition course, corporate flight attendant recurrent training and train-the-manager certification course have been widely utilized by operators and management companies.

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A five-day corporate flight attendant transition course has been successfully completed in Hong Kong by JetCrew with very positive feedback from operators. This elementary training is designed for current airline flight attendants or yacht stewardesses with a desire to join the rewarding business aviation sector. The curriculum covers both theoretical and hands-on sessions, enabling the trainees to understand the private jet configuration and its operations in order to master services and procedures in professional practice. The training focuses on world-class silver-service skills with the integration of Chinese and Western cultures and strengthens the trainees' etiquette and organizational skills. The training includes hands-on exercises on a private jet and super yacht to ensure familiarization of live situations and service delivery capability upon completion of training. In addition to the basic skills of cabin services management, JetCrew invites an executive chef, renowned food and beverage and guest services manager of a world-class five-star hotel chain to share their knowledge of VIP services, food safety and hygiene subjects to coach trainees to practise with extensive hotel facilities.

JetCrew has welcomed Ms. Yvonne Ip to join the team as a training specialist, appreciating her more than 18 years' experience in VIP services training in aviation specializing in tailor-made cabin solutions. Ms. Ip provides a wide range of VIP service training to tailor-made training solutions to cabin service departments in business aviation industry.

Prior joining JetCrew, Ms. Ip served as the cabin service manager of a leading business aviation management company. Ms. Ip is dedicated to providing aircraft set up solutions and to personally supervising the related projects for each customer. Her professionalism and excellent standards have satisfied customers' expectations and she is highly recognized as a professional in the industry. She has participated in more than 20 aircraft deliveries to all over the world, as well as their cabin set-up.

Ms. Ip has extensive training experience in culinary, fine dining, VIP service and etiquette. She is passionate about cuisine and practice often at food art workshops.

“The private jet industry has been emerging in Asia for the last 10 years with an increasing demand for high quality and professional aircrew. JetCrew has launched an innovative and progressive program for corporate flight attendants, designed not only for individuals with different backgrounds who are interested in joining private jet services, but also to cater to the enhancement of current corporate flight attendants and service delivery managers,” said Ms. Yvonne Ip, VIP services and training specialist of Jetsolution Aviation Group, “JetCrew is actively programming various safety and procedures training to meet different demands which are applicable to pilots and flight attendants. We strive to develop more talents and to ameliorate the VIP services benchmark in the greater China region.”

Another remarkable highlight of JetCrew is its one-stop service of aircrew shortlisting with background screening incorporating service mindset training prior to operations. Selecting the most suitable aircrew for aircraft owners and operators is essential to reduce the risk of employment and safe operations. JetCrew professional crew placement services include the whole understanding of each candidate's employment history and performance, medical records and professional reputation, licensing validity and his/her ethical practice. A detailed background check will be provided to verify every data provided by candidates for the best interests of the owner and operator.

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