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Preparing future electric aviation workforce - Joby partners with Aviation High School

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Preparing future electric aviation workforce - Joby partners with Aviation High School  - Maintenance / Trainings publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: United States Aircraft: Airplanes

Joby Aviation partners with Aviation High School in New York City to prepare the next generation of aircraft maintenance technicians and aerospace leaders for career opportunities created by the electric age of flight. New York’s Aviation High School is a leading education center for future aircraft maintainers and aerospace professionals. Joby’s partnership with the school comes shortly after the Company announced a multi-year partnership with Delta Air Lines to deliver transformational, sustainable home-to-airport service for Delta customers, beginning in New York and Los Angeles.

“Industry partnerships such as the one between Aviation High School and Joby Aviation are key in ensuring our career-pathways programs are exciting, relevant to students’ interests, and valuable in preparing our young people for life after graduation,” New York City Schools Chancellor David C. Banks said. “I’m grateful to everyone at Aviation High School and Joby Aviation for their dedication to our students and their futures.”

As part of the partnership, 100 Aviation High School students have already enrolled in Joby’s online Private Pilot Ground School course, which teaches the basics of aerodynamics, aviation and piloting. Joby will also work with the school’s faculty to integrate material on electric propulsion systems and other new technologies into its curriculum.

Aviation High School Principal Steven R. Jackson said: “With electrification and air taxis set to revolutionize the aviation industry, we are excited to partner with Joby to inspire and train our students to work with these cutting-edge technologies and prepare the talented young men and women of New York City for successful careers in the aviation world of tomorrow.” 

Joby recently brought 4 virtual-reality simulators to Aviation High School, located in Long Island City. Students had the opportunity to virtually pilot the Company’s electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, which has a dramatically lower noise signature than traditional helicopters and produces zero emissions during flight.

Bonny Simi, Head of Air Operations and People at Joby, stated: “Aviation High School is a tremendous resource for the New York community and the aviation industry, working upstream to prepare a diverse group of students to join the next generation of pilots, maintainers, and aerospace leaders. We’re thrilled to partner with the school and give students first-hand access to innovative technologies like electric propulsion and eVTOL aircraft design.” 

With more than 1,000 test flights completed, Joby has demonstrated its revolutionary aircraft has the range, speed, altitude, and low noise profile to operate quiet and sustainable trips in and around communities like New York City and the tri-state area. 

Andrew Kimball, New York City Economic Development Corporation President, said: “This sort of partnership – building direct pathways for New York City students for the innovative sectors of today and tomorrow – are essential to creating a more vibrant and inclusive economy. Thank you to everyone at Aviation High School, the Department of Education, and Joby Aviation, for providing such a valuable program to our students.”

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr., commented: “The aviation industry is taking off in Queens as LaGuardia Airport’s redevelopment wraps up and Kennedy Airport’s revitalization gets underway. It is critical that the tens of thousands of jobs created by these projects are filled by Queens residents, and that our young people especially are easily connected to these employment opportunities of tomorrow. I look forward to partnering with Aviation High School, Joby Aviation, the Port Authority and all our partners to ensure that Queens is at the forefront of the reimagining of our airports.”

"Celebrated an exciting partnership between Aviation High School and Joby Aviation that will train students to pilot new electric air taxis starting in 2025. This partnership will provide future graduates of Aviation High School with new career pathways and opportunities to maintain, repair, and service these new air taxis of the future and promote climate justice in aviation," said Council Member Julie Won. "Honored to celebrate this announcement with Principal Jackson, NYC Schools Chancellor Banks, Deputy Queens Borough President Ebony Young, Joby, and the staff and students at Aviation High School."



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