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Teruel Airport inaugurates new hangar for simultaneous maintenance of two Airbus A380

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Teruel Airport inaugurates new hangar for simultaneous maintenance of two Airbus A380 - Maintenance / Trainings publisher
Dana Ermolenko
Country: Spain Aircraft: Airplanes

Teruel Airport adds a new hangar to its facilities and it does so with a unique hangar in Spain with these characteristics. It will be possible to carry out maintenance work on two A380s or six A321s. The investment for this facility has been 23 million and the tender for the concession of use is already underway. The works began in August 2020 for the movement of earth, fencing and foundations and in December 2021 for the construction of the hangar. In the opening ceremony, an explanation of the most important characteristics of this infrastructure and a visit to the facilities have been made. 

As explained by the president of the Teruel Airport Consortium and Minister of Territorial Structure, Mobility and Housing, José Luis Soro "the expansion of the space available for the development of maintenance work will allow the activity to increase exponentially". This new hangar will serve to increase business figures and the creation of 150 jobs and positions Teruel Airport as a leading infrastructure in the aerospace industrial sector. 

It is the largest hangar with capacity for two A380s in Spain, with total dimensions of 200 m wide and almost 100 m deep. As a detail, the A380s have a wingspan of 80 meters. With a height of 39 meters, it is the highest in Spain, and is equivalent to a 13-storey building. The total area is 18,000 m2, just over 16,000 useful m2. With a modular main door 184 meters wide and 27 meters high. 

The structure is made up of 11,055 bars with an average length of 4.5 meters. It has some 3,000 spheres of unions, some up to a diameter of 45 centimeters. Precisely the spheres have been the element chosen as a souvenir of this inauguration. The building has 6,363 belts that have an average length of 4.5 meters. In addition to the maintenance work area, it has 2,500 m2 of office space and 3,600 m2 of workshops and a 25,000 m2 paved platform. Likewise, it includes a parking lot with 160 vehicle stalls and several electric charging stations. 

The UTE PLATA HANGAR 2 A380 has been in charge of carrying out the works of this infrastructure that is located in the vicinity of the main entrance of the Airport.

The tender for the concession of use of the hangar has begun. The Teruel Airport Consortium has published the specifications for the tender for the concession which establishes an annual fee of 1.4 million euros per year (without VAT) with a duration of 25 years, extendable for 10 more years. Taking into account the time that will elapse until the start of the activity, a progressive canon has been established. The first year 20% will be paid, the second year 30%, the third year 40%, the fourth year 60% and the fifth year 80%. From the sixth year until the end of the concession, 100% of the canon offered by the concessionaire will be paid. The deadline for submitting bids is March 31.

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