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AeroComposit won the prestigious JEC Innovation Award-2018 for infusion technology for an aircraft wing MC-21-300

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AeroComposit won the prestigious JEC Innovation Award-2018 for infusion technology for an aircraft wing MC-21-300 - Manufacturer publisher
Krista Kuznecova
Country: Russian Federation Aircraft: Airplanes
Source: Ruaviation

On March 7, in Paris, finalists of innovative composite solutions of the JEC World – 2018 were awarded. The winner in the  Aerospace Industry nomination became the infusion technology of JSC AeroComposit for composite wing manufacturing of the new short-medium range MC-21 aircraft . The main developer and manufacturer of the MC-21 aircraft is Irkut Corporation.

The main criteria for selection in the competition were the technical superiority of the proposed composite solution (material, technology), originality, market potential and integrity of the supply chain.

The technology of Russian specialists enabled production of a high-aspect wing with new generation supercritical contour for MC-21 aircraft. The wing design increases the aerodynamic quality of the aircraft in cruise flight and gives a noticeable fuel economy. Long-length wing panels are made by automatic dry carbon filling machines.

The new technology of AeroComposite was recognized as the best project of the JEC Innovation Awards 2018 in accordance with the results of the peoples vote.

The Leading International  Composites Show - JEC World is held annually since 1965 in Paris. The event brings together a large number of highly qualified professionals from all over the worldpresenting their implemented innovative developments and unique technological solutions.

In 2018 the competition was held in 10 nominations: aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, railway transport, construction industry, sports equipment, smart cities, etc. The finalists of the competition were 30 companies and organizations, three of them in the category - Aerospace Industry: JSC AeroComposite (Russia), Fraunhofer ICT (Germany) and University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (Switzerland).

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