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Ascendance Flight Technologies ATEA eVTOL successfully landed at RAF 2023

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Ascendance Flight Technologies ATEA eVTOL successfully landed at RAF 2023 - Manufacturer publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: Latvia Aircraft: Airplanes

Entering Riga Aviation Forum 2023 venue every single participant and speaker had to stop and see in details special guest from France – ATEA eVTOL mock-up by Ascendance Flight Technologies. No one could resist the allure of sustainable aviation future. Ascendance FT's vision of regional air mobility in Latvia & Baltics on Day 2 was eagerly awaited. Minutes before the opening of second day sessions, we had a quick interview with Adrien Robin, Ascendance FT business developer :

T.O. Ascendance Flight Technologies, first time in Riga, you’re showing the future of sustainable aviation. First impressions, first feedback from participants?

A.R. Pleasure to be here! Great welcome here and a lot of interest for our innovative technologies – for hybrid electric propulsion system as well as our eVTOL mock-up displayed here. So, it is great to attend the Riga Aviation Forum!

T.O. Long way from France, how did you get here?

A.R. By plane. Hopefully we will use our aircraft in the future and develop regional air mobility in Baltics. 

T.O. We’ve been writing a lot about ATEA eVTOL, can you share latest updates, test results, progress towards certification?

A.R. So, latest news – we’re working on building our full-scale demonstrator, which will be tested next year for its first flight, with a pilot on board. We are targeting end of next year. 

T.O. Are we invited?

A.R. Yes you will be invited to Toulouse, and the aerodrome of Muret to be exact (our tests facility next to Toulouse). 

T.O. You’ve raised over 10 million EUR for the development of sustainable technologies, what’s new, how are you moving forward, what is up next year?

A.R. We’ve actually raised a total of 34 million euros ! It will help us to build and test our aircraft and to enter the certification phase. Next steps – first we must have the demonstrator built and proceed with the flight test campaigns and continue commercialization of our eVTOL. We already have 555 LOIs from helicopter and aircraft operators, who really see  this aircraft as the future of regional aviation. We’ve announced at Paris Air Show 2023 our partnership with Daher, to see how our STERNA technology could fit and widen their aircraft portfolio.   


T.O. Easy question – what are first regions to use your eVTOL? From your perspective.

A.R. Our customers now are from everywhere in the world, and in particular from United States, huge helicopter operators , and also, South Asia, which is an interesting market and region because there is a real need to connect islands. For example, Philippines with a need to connect remote islands. Hopefully Baltics, here in Latvia. 

T.O. Any secret to be announced here at the Day 2 of Riga Aviation Forum?

A.R. We will announce something big today, I will keep you posted.    

Less noise and more actions. Ascendance FT proposes a clear vision on creation of regional connections in Latvia – decentralized aviation and a network of domestic flights, new routes to remote places and 2nd tier cities.  ATEA eVTOL can be the solution to create unlimited intra and inter regional connections, for both passengers’ transportation and cargo:

·       Reach of 350-km radius (+30min reserve) from Riga (and any other cities) 

·       Link HUBs and regional airports 

·       Connect isolated places 

·       Unlock seamless point-to-point travel experience 

ATEA range opens new opportunities for connectivity’s expansion to neighbour countries like Poland, Sweden, Finland. ATEA's arrival at RAF 2023 gives time to get organized with local partners and build the business together: identifying and selecting air connections, shape the necessary ecosystem, develop the infrastructure. 

Stay tuned, we'll be giving more details of the announcement made during Day 2 of Riga Aviation Forum 2023!

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