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Collaborative project AVEBIO - KHIMOD & Elyse Energy team up to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuels

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Collaborative project AVEBIO - KHIMOD & Elyse Energy team up to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuels - Manufacturer publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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AVEBIO aims at demonstrating the production of sustainable e-fuels for air transport based on the yet-to-valorize CO2 of a biofuel production unit. The goal of this industrial pilot is to valorize biomass deposit while using competitive synthetic carbon to set off the e-fuel industry. AVEBIO project will also encompass an end-to-end solution from CO2 to e-fuels thanks to the integration of 2 reactions: reverse Water Gas Shift from CO2 to CO and Fischer-Tropsch from CO to e-fuels.

KHIMOD will provide the disruptive heat exchanger-reactors within the CO2 hydrogenation units, producing valuable synthetic molecules and overcoming reverse water gas shift main technological hurdle, namely heat management. KHIMOD will also provide the Fische-Tropsch reactor and the necessary interaction between the rWGS and the Fischer-Tropsch technological bricks. Elyse Energy will coordinate the project and explore the launch on an industrial pilot on RYAM site
in Tartas to value biogenic CO2 from second generation bioethanol plant.

AVEBIO has been granted support within the framework of the 4th Investment Program for the Future - France 2030 through the Call for Projects aimed at «developing a French production sector for sustainable aeronautical fuels» known as CARB AERO.

Nicolas Serrie, Chief Executive Officer of KHIMOD, commented: "We are proud to partner with Elyse Energy on this innovative project. We truly believe that e-SAF is the future of aviation and KHIMOD develops the solutions necessary to decarbonize air transport."

Benoît Decourt, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Elyse Energy, said:  "Sustainable aviation fuels are crucial to support the decarbonation of air transport. To that end, direct use of CO2 will be critical to ensure sufficient sustainable supply. We are very pleased to work with KHIMOD on the AVEBIO project to develop
an efficient CO2-to-SAF technological building bloc."

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