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Diamond Aircraft has made the choice - welcome sales agent for Indonesia

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Diamond Aircraft has made the choice - welcome sales agent for Indonesia - Manufacturer publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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Diamond Aircraft is pleased to announce Airflite Asia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Airflite Pty Ltd, as the sales agent for Indonesia. Airflite, established in 1981, has had a long-standing relationship with Diamond in Australia, delivering and maintaining a fleet of DA40 NGs. Airflite is proud to see the relationship with Diamond Aircraft evolve into Sales Partnership status in Indonesia, further embedding the company as a total aviation solutions provider in the Asia Pacific region.

“Airflite is delighted to be appointed as the Diamond Aircraft Sales Representative in Indonesia,” said Nick Jones, Global Vice President, Aircraft Sales at Airflite.
Nick elaborated, “We see Diamond Aircraft as an extremely progressive and innovative company with a product range that is ideally suited to the Indonesian market. The Jet-A burning Austro engine is a perfect solution for the Indonesian market where avgas supplies are limited. Diamond Aircraft provides cost effective solutions for flight training, business aviation and special missions. We forecast long-term flight training growth in this region. Furthermore, a new generation of entrepreneurs are looking for innovative products to suit their growing need for cost effective travel throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Diamond Aircraft is the perfect fit for these markets.”

"We are very pleased to welcome Airflite to the Diamond Aircraft Family and are looking forward to continuing the growth of Diamond Aircraft in the Indonesian region," said Jane Wang, Sales Director, Diamond Aircraft Austria.

More information on Airflite can be found on: www.airflite.com.au

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