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Egypt to receive 50 helicopters from Russia

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Egypt to receive 50 helicopters from Russia - Manufacturer publisher
Krista Kuznecova
Source: Aerotime

Russia has reportedly agreed to sell 50 helicopters to Egypt for the Mistral ships France initially intended to sell Russia.

Russian news agency Lenta.ru reports Russia will be supplying Egypt with Ka-52 Alligator family helicopters. Authorities in Moscow say they are not ruling out the delivery of the deck-based version of the helicopters, according to unnamed sources.

Interfax reported Moscow made a statement saying they would not interfere with the Egyptian government's purchase, and would supply the Alligator helicopters with a flexible payment plan.

The Ka-52 Alligator is a next-generation Russian reconnaissance and combat attack helicopter. It is fitted to counter ground assaults from tanks, armored and non-armored ground targets, including infantry as well as opposing helicopters.

The Ka-52K deck-based naval variant of the Alligator is ideal for transport on board the Mistral amphibious assault ships, also known as helicopter carriers. France canceled their plans to sell the ships to Russia following Moscow lending political and material support for armed separatists in eastern Ukraine.

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