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Euro Airship reveals Solar Airship One mission - a non-stop world tour flight without fossil fuels

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Euro Airship reveals Solar Airship One mission - a non-stop world tour flight without fossil fuels - Manufacturer publisher
Dana Ermolenko
Country: France

Euro Airship, a company specialized in designing, constructing, and selling rigid airships, has chosen Viva Technology to announce the launch of Solar Airship One: a non-stop world tour flight with no fossil fuels and zero CO2 emissions. This unprecedented project will be the world's first demonstration of a completely new low- carbon mobility solution. To build the mobility of tomorrow, Euro Airship has been working for over 10 years with renowned partners such as Capgemini, Groupe La Poste and Orange, and others in convergence, to achieve the industrialization of a "zero-carbon" solution.

Reach « zero-carbon » mobility

Mobility, essential to society, represents a major challenge in terms of carbon emissions. Global warming, over-consumption of fossil fuels, traffic growth, CO2 emissions, transport and infrastructure costs are all the issues that need to be addressed.
The aeronautical industry, for a long time now, has been confronted to these major challenges, due to its excessive dependence on fossil fuels and the scale of emissions produced by aircrafts. It is therefore urgent to rethink mobility solutions in order to develop technologies that are more efficient and, above all, more respectful of humankind and environment.

A new, innovative and sustainable air solution

Euro Airship, an innovative aeronautical company based in Pau, designs, manufactures and sells sustainable rigid airships. Relying on cutting-edge technical expertise and a passion for innovation, Euro Airship has pushed back the boundaries of aerial mobility. Their airships combine efficiency, elegance, and respect of the environment, and are powered by advanced technologies that guarantee safety and efficiency.

The different models are also designed to meet today's many challenges, with immediate industrial applications: transport, green tourism, freight, humanitarian aid, civil and military surveillance.

The Solar Airship One Project: air mobility enters the decarbonized era!

To promote a new sustainable mobility to the world, Euro Airship announces the launch of its project: Solar Airship One, the first non-stop world tour flight without fossil fuels. Scheduled for 2026, this epic journey will fly over 40,000 kms in 20 days, following a trajectory close to the equator at an average altitude of 6,000m. The solar airship developed by Euro Airship will fly without any noise, fossil fuel or CO2 emissions. This mission has been made possible thanks to the support of key partners and industrial players: Capgemini, Groupe La Poste, and Orange, as well as others in convergence. For the same reasons, Solar Airship One has brought together emblematic French aeronautical sponsors and pilots: Bertrand Piccard, Dorine Bourneton, Jean-Pierre Haigneré and Michel Tognini. Until the end of 2023, Euro Airship remains open to strategic collaborations with partners who are in line with their values on this unique project.

Corinne Jouanny, Head of Portfolio and Industry Centers of Excellence, Capgemini Engineering, commented: “The SolarAirship project demonstrates that it is possible to catalyze an ecosystem to foster the emergence of sustainable air transport solutions. After being an engineering partner at the heart of the development of Solar Impulse, we are delighted with this partnership emblematic of the work that our engineering teams are carrying out to accelerate the efficient integration of sustainable technologies.For the past 3 years, our engineers and researchers have been working closely with Euro Airship on the design of this innovative airship: from the rigid structure, of the different envelopes, to the manufacturing and assembly processes, not forgetting the construction of a digital twin of the aircraft in flight, Capgemini's teams are putting their skills to work on this unprecedented challenge.”

Marie-Aude Dubanchet, La Poste Group's Deputy Managing Director in charge of communications, said: "We've already supported Solar Impulse, notably through the creation of a stamp honoring the first solar airplane. Two years on, it's a natural step for La Poste to join this new Solar Airship One challenge. Firstly, because we are very proud to see a postal worker and the world's first paraplegic pilot, Dorine Bourneton, taking part in the adventure. And secondly, because Solar Airship One will be helping to promote a new form of sustainable mobility. At La Poste, we've been very committed to the ecological transition and sustainable finance for several years now." 

Elizabeth Tchoungui, Executive Director in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Orange Group stated: "Orange is proud to be part of the epic project, Solar Airship One; an ambitious, innovative and unifying project that ushers in the era of decarbonized mobility. This partnership is emblematic of our commitment to deploy the full potential of digital technology to support environmental transition in all sectors of activity. With this in mind, Orange will supply a low- orbit satellite communication system ensuring a secure and robust global link that meets the technical specifications needed and guarantees continuity of communications between the airship and the ground. Drawing on its innovation ecosystem, Orange will provide solutions and projects around AI, data and IoT. This will allow us to collect, analyse, and cross- reference observation data from the airship and its pilots. The avenues opened up by Solar Airship One for the future of sustainable and responsible mobility of people and goods are exciting." 


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