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H3 Dynamics announces hydrogen production, storage and filling stations for long-range hydrogen drones & UAVs

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H3 Dynamics announces hydrogen production, storage and filling stations for long-range hydrogen drones & UAVs - Manufacturer publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: France

H3 Dynamics announced the global launch of H2FIELD-1, a new hydrogen station capable of producing hydrogen in the field for unmanned aerial vehicles of all shapes, sizes and configurations. Now hydrogen-powered airships, multi-rotors, vertical take-off and landing UAS and various fixed wing systems will be able to benefit from 24/7 hydrogen supply anywhere, anytime.

Taras Wankewycz, CEO and co-Founder at H3 Dynamics, commented: “We are the evolutionary starting point to increasingly large hydrogen powered flight platforms, where testing, certification and regulatory approval challenges vary based on aircraft weight. We want to mature hydrogen technology in today’s existing uncrewed aviation market - and that includes working out hydrogen logistics and refueling systems." 

H2FIELD’s rugged IP-65 trailer-based solution brings hydrogen production to different drone operation locations. It can also be dismounted as a permanent installation and connect to solar panel arrays. H3 Dynamics can supply various configurations, with slow or fast charge options down to minutes per fill - depending on client requirements. H3 Dynamics’ system is extremely compact and can produce hydrogen on site - not just dispense it from other storage forms.

For hydrogen drone operators, H2FIELD-1 solves fundamental hydrogen accessibility in remote areas, unlocking a major logistical barrier for a growing base of hydrogen drone operators in industrial, defense, or even academic sectors. The only feedstock input is water.

H3 Dynamics has been working on a first transatlantic hydrogen-electric flight using liquid hydrogen storage systems currently being tested in France with ISAE-SUPAERO in Toulouse. Last week H3 Dynamics announced its hydrogen propulsion partnership with French airship maker HyLight, and the week prior with Australian VTOL UAV producer Carbonix whose airframes are made by Quickstep - Australia’s leading aerospace composites producer.

2023 will see more of these announcements as H3 Dynamics continues to transition battery-UAS manufacturers to hydrogen technologies. Compared to batteries, hydrogen electric systems increase battery-drone flight durations by several orders of magnitude, opening to many new possibilities in a market that is expected to grow five-fold to $100B by 2030. H2FIELD-1 marks the start of H3 Dynamics’ foray into hydrogen infrastructure solutions for small, unmanned and increasingly large aircraft, from airfields to airports - with increasingly large output power and hydrogen storage capabilities.



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