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INTEGRAL S performs its first flight and marks a new stage towards the electrification of the INTEGRAL range

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INTEGRAL S performs its first flight and marks a new stage towards the electrification of the INTEGRAL range - Manufacturer publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: France Aircraft: Airplanes

The training version of AURA AERO thermic-thrust two-seater aircraft dedicated to training, aerobatics and leisure, INTEGRAL S, performed its first flight today, at Toulouse-Francazal airport. Registered F-WIAS, the plane took off at 10:20 CEST with a crew composed of test pilots Eric DELESALLE and Hervé POULIN. This flight test campaign will enable to open the aircraft’s flight envelope, in compliance with the program objectives. It will continue in the coming weeks and months, until the EASA CS-23 certification, which should take place during 2024, after the certification of INTEGRAL R.

INTEGRAL S is a two-seater tricycle landing gear aircraft intended for pilot training. Capable of reaching a cruise speed of 300 km/h, this aircraft addresses the important need for training throughout the world, estimated at some 300 000 pilots in the next ten years.Equipped with an ergonomic cockpit, INTEGRAL S provides a modern learning environment in order to facilitate the instructor’s daily work and the student pilot’s learning curve. With its Instrument Flight Rule option and its modern and connected systems, the aircraft complies with latest training standards. Furthermore, being mostly made from wood-carbon  INTEGRAL S, like all INTEGRAL aircraft, combines lightweight, resistance and easy implementation and repair.

With this first flight, AURA AERO, French manufacturer and pioneer in decarbonized aviation, takes another step towards the electrification of the INTEGRAL range, with the first flight of INTEGRAL E planned in the coming months. Jérémy CAUSSADE, President and Co-founder of AURA AERO, said: “The first flight of INTEGRAL S is a major step for AURA AERO and for all our teams. In the name of everyone, I can say that we are extremely proud and very moved to see our young company take a new step today and continue its route towards decarbonized aviation”.

INTEGRAL S – Technical specifications:

Configuration: Two-seater / side by side – Tricycle landing gear
Length: 7.26 m (23.82 ft) / Wingspan: 8.78 m (28.80 ft) / Height: 2.46 m (8.13 ft) Maximum Take Off Weight: 1,005 kg / 2,216 lbs
Security: whole rescue parachute system, anti-crash fuel tanks
Engine: Lycoming IO-360 (180 hp  2,700 rpm)
Constant speed three-blade propeller
Load factor: + 6 /- 4G 960 kg
Load factor: + 5 / -3G 1005 kg

Range: 500 NM (926 km)

Fuel capacity: 159 L (42 US gal)

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