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Meet the Mi-38VeryVIP

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Meet the Mi-38VeryVIP - Manufacturer publisher
Krista Kuznecova
Country: Russian Federation Aircraft: Helicopters
Source: Ruaviation

Mi-38 belongs to the niche of medium helicopters according to the classification of the Russian market. Today I will tell you about our modern corporate helicopter - the Very-VIP category Mi-38. Why VVIP, and not just VIP? Because there are very few helicopters of this class in principle in the world.

The exhibition RUBAE-2018 presented foreign VIP-class helicopters. And if you look at these foreign analogues, you cannot compare them with the Mi-38, because this is a completely arc class. The maximum take-off weight of our helicopter is three times larger. According to its capabilities, I would compare it with business jets. But the helicopter is a unique machine for its tasks. The advantage of the helicopter is the ability to fly to any destination, regardless of the availability of aviation infrastructure.

According to the technical requirements of the new helicopter had to surpass the Mi-8 in all characteristics. In cooperation with helicopter operators, we created a new generation helicopter that complies with all aviation regulations, including foreign ones. He received a type certificate and now several machines are already in production. The design of the helicopter combines advanced technology and modern units, systems, materials. In general, all this has allowed to achieve a new level of technical characteristics.

Mi-38 sets new standards in its class of helicopters. The helicopter is equipped with two new and more powerful Russian-made TV7-117V engines with the FADEC system. The design feature of the helicopter is that the engines are torn down closer to the tail boom, which reduces the noise level in the cabin and increases safety. The use of an X-shaped tail rotor also reduces the noise level, and increases the helicopter's travel stability. In the design of the helicopter used composite materials. First of all, I mean the helicopter blades, which improves its flight performance and increases the resource.

he main feature of this helicopter is the size of its passenger cabin. Only in the cockpit of a Mi-38 helicopter you can get up to full height, and not “crawl on your knees”. The cabin is so large that it allows you to place additional staff. The slide shows a comparison of the size of the cabin with its main competitors. The helicopter is equipped with a modern on-board equipment complex, which allows it to be operated during the day and at night in the harshest weather conditions.

This powerful technical base accompanies the helicopter cabin. The helicopter has a unique interior. It was developed according to the requirements for the helicopter cabin of the first persons of the states. Therefore, it combines all the best that only in the world exists.

We use an individual approach in the design of the cabin. Various cabin configurations are possible from 8 to 14 passengers and many options.

In the modern turbulent world, responding to changes in the situation and the speed of decision making is very important. And our helicopter is ready to give it to a leading person who will transport at the highest level. This movement at high speeds, reliability, safety, flight stability and maximum comfort.

I want to draw your attention to the large LED monitors, which displays the current status of the flight. Chairs that rotate can be folded into a horizontal position, and in which you can comfortably relax during the flight. A flight can take a long amount of time. After all, another feature of this helicopter is that it can cover a distance of more than 1000 km on the main tanks.

Like any business jet, our helicopter has a lavatory, wardrobe and even a kitchen. In this photo you can see a folding seat for the steward who will serve you during the flight.

Interior materials are selected on request. We cooperate with Russian and foreign manufacturers of materials for our helicopter and choose only the best. For example, chrome or mahogany, carpets and leather. The main passenger will be satisfied. All materials are certified for use in aircraft technology.

We think about our client after the sale of the helicopter. So, we offer various life-cycle contracts that cover all after-sales service issues. We ensure that the helicopter is ready 24/7, and you forget about what service is.

The cabin materials are selected at the request of the customer. We cooperate with Russian and foreign manufacturers of materials for our helicopter and choose only the best. For example, chrome or mahogany, carpets and leather. The main passenger will be satisfied. All materials are certified for use in aircraft technology.

Mi-38 VeryVIP is not a cheap pleasure, so we implement all our ideas together with our partners. And if you have a desire to purchase our helicopter, you can contact us, we will consider and offer you interesting purchase options. At the moment, we already have several machines in production, and they already have customers.




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