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P2012 STOL achieves EASA certification

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P2012 STOL achieves EASA certification  - Manufacturer publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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European Aviation Safety Agency has awarded full type certification to P2012 Traveller in its STOL variant. The P2012 STOL aircraft, specifically designed for Short Take Off and Landing operations, is engineered and tailored to operate from airports and airstrips characterized by extremely short runways and demanding operational constraints. The 18 months extensive certification campaign ensured impressive Takeoff and Landing performance, while still maintaining a 99% commonality of parts with the standard P2012 Traveller series aircraft in an effort to enhance the P2012 STOL supportability and to provide a “fleet” option.

Addressing the needs of a niche market that has been underdeveloped and unsupported for decades, with the P2012 STOL Tecnam once again provides a solution for operators seeking a modern, spacious, comfortable, safe yet stylish aircraft with outstanding STOL capabilities for their business. With the production aircraft already in the final stage of the assembly line, the P2012 STOL is ready for the first deliveries to customers filling an uncovered gap of the commercial aviation.

The P2012 STOL is the only twin-piston aircraft with Short Take-Off and Landing capabilities that complies with the latest certification amendments. It offers a maximum gross weight of 3680 kg / 8113 lb with a useful load of 1284 kg / 2831 lb while maintaining a modern design, a wide and comfortable cabin and 11 seats.

The cabin entrance and accommodation is enhanced by a wide single access door and a central aisle; moreover, a dedicated window for each of the 9 individual passengers, no bench/double seats and the best passenger amenities are provided such as USB ports, cabin air conditioning, individual fresh and hot air outlets, dedicated reading light, seat pockets and cup and mobile phone holders.

The interiors design and the superb view granted by the “high wing” configuration provide a “best-in-class” experience for the flights to typical remote STOL destinations. The multi mission capability of the aircraft allows to exchange the STOL configuration from passengers’ transportation to Cargo, Combi, or Air Ambulance within minutes, providing healthcare, assistance and serving communities worldwide.

Mission accomplishment and flight safety enhancement pass through a modern cockpit with latest technology, including as a standard state-of-the-art G1000 NXi avionic system, GFC700 specifically tuned autopilot, and ADS-B IN/OUT. An active and connected flight deck (Bluetooth, flight stream, Iridium) and a toolbox of modern aids (Wx radar, storm scope, inset map, Synthetic Vision™) are provided to reduce workload and fatigue while increasing mission safety and effectiveness. From a comfort perspective the P2012 STOL offers a +34% wider cabin, +24% larger seat pitch, +188% higher luggage weight allowance and +303% better luggage volume when compared to the most known British STOL aircraft and does it all in accordance with the latest certification standards.


From the performance perspective the P2012 STOL can easily and more comfortably carry an equivalent payload of the most known STOL aircraft while matching its takeoff and landing performances, moreover, the P2012 STOL can also outperform its useful load by 20% up to a remarkable value of 1284 kg / 2830 lb while performing a STOL mission.

At Maximum Takeoff Weight of 3680 kg / 8113 lb, the take-off run takes only 315 m / 1033 ft and to clear the obstacle the takeoff distance is achieved in just 425 m / 1394 ft.Even better at the 3630 Kg Maximum Landing Weight where the landing distance from the obstacle takes only 360 m / 1181 ft and the impressive ground run requires just 225 m / 738 ft.

P2012 STOL program

The P2012 STOL, developed by the renown and innovating Tecnam Research and Development team, is available in the passenger and multi-mission configurations (combi, cargo, air ambulance). Fully interchangeable, the 11-seat, twin-engine, fixed gear, unpressurized Tecnam can quickly and easily be converted from a 9-passenger carrier into a special-purpose aircraft… and back again.

The aircraft main features are:

  • Two crew seats plus nine single passengers’ seats cabin accommodation.

  • Two six cylinders, turbocharged, piston engines.

  • Single Pilot certified in VFR and IFR.

  • PBN certified for GPS approaches.

  • No type rating issue/renewal required.

  • Easy maintenance.

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