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SKYTRAC partners with a Canadian law enforcement agency to secure Airbus H135 STC for the SDL-350

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SKYTRAC partners with a Canadian law enforcement agency to secure Airbus H135 STC for the SDL-350 - Manufacturer publisher
Dana Ermolenko
Country: United States Aircraft: Helicopters

SKYTRAC partnered with a Canadian law enforcement agency to complete an Airbus H135 Standard Type Certification for the SDL-350. As one of the first integrations of the SDL-350 on the H135 platform, SKYTRAC has installed, certified, and flight-tested the SDL-350 on the H135 aircraft the Canadian law enforcement agency had procured. This STC will enable current and future operators of H135 aircraft to take advantage of the multi-mission and Iridium Certus broadband connectivity the SDL-350 provides.

As one of the first launch partners of the SDL-350, the Canadian law enforcement agency chose the SDL-350 for its multi-mission H135 and has been working alongside SKYTRAC for the past few months to see this STC completed. The completion of this STC means that this law enforcement agency can take full advantage of all the key capabilities that the SDL-350 offers. Features such as Real-Time Video Downlinking, Satellite and Cellular Connectivity for Cabin and Crew, Flight Following, Satellite Pust-to-Talk, and Satellite Voice Communications will benefit this agency’s ability to conduct its critical operations.

Luke Billington, Regional Business Manager at SKYTRAC, commented: “SKYTRAC is happy to be able to provide this law enforcement agency the capabilities they need via the SDL-350. Now that this STC has been completed, the agency and all H135 operators can benefit from the SDL-350’s first-in-class features.”

The system will enable capabilities that will benefit pilot situational awareness while aiding mission operations that the law enforcement agency employs. Capabilities that will benefit operations include video streaming, inflight internet, and voice communications.

Being a lightweight and low-form factor device, the SDL-350 draws nominal power and does not contribute highly to the weight of the aircraft while still providing all these capabilities for this law enforcement agency. The integration of the SDL-350 ensures that this Canadian law enforcement agency will be equipped with future-proof onboard technology that will provide long-term viability and success for the aircraft and their operations.


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