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Solving the time-cost dilemma of patient transportation - ERC-System eVTOL aircraft

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Solving the time-cost dilemma of patient transportation - ERC-System eVTOL aircraft  - Manufacturer publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: Germany Aircraft: Airplanes

ERC-System goal is quite clear: to create an eVTOL that is more cost-effective than a helicopter and faster than an ambulance.The company launched its Charlie aircraft during an event in Munich on July 3 2024. ERC-System eVTOL demonstrator captivated the audience with its design meticulously crafted specifically for medical applications. The company aims to expand patient care infrastructure and alleviate the strain on global healthcare systems by overcoming patient transportation barriers. Company's vision is to bring professional medical treatment closer to those in need, wherever they are.

According to ERC-System, Charlie aircraft is safe, low-maintenance, user-centric, and cost-effective – the ultimate solution for medical missions. With a 450 kg payload and high-wing safety design, our spacious 5.2 m³ cabin and large rear door make loading easy, ensuring fast, efficient medical transport. ERC collaborates with medical experts to tailor eVTOL to their requirements, to be clear, understanding customer's desire. 

The company has already built 2 full scale, full mass demonstrators, focusing on realistic weights and sizes from the beginning. This approach minimizes development risks and accelerates the go-to-market timeline, ensuring optimal learning in propulsion, battery technology, and flight control. As scale increases, challenges multiply—but by closely aligning with the final product, ERC ensures smoother pathways to certification.

ERC-System convinced some of biggest players to support themDRF Luftrettung and Unterallgäu-Memmingen. DRF Luftrettung, based in Filderstadt, is one of the largest air rescue organisations in Europe. The helicopters and ambulance aircraft of the non-profit organisation take off for their missions from 32 bases at 30 locations in Germany, including emergency rescue missions, transports of intensive care patients between hospitals, as well as repatriation flights of patients from abroad. Unterallgäu-Memmingen health region - pilot region in Bavaria for the practical testing of the medical eVTOL developed by us in interhospital transport. 



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