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Textron Aviation Citation Latitude debut in Russia

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Textron Aviation Citation Latitude debut in Russia  - Manufacturer publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Source: Bizavnews

Textron Aviation Vice President Sales Europe Tom Perry believes that new Cessna Citation Latitude has quite good perspectives on Russian market. Last week during JetExpo 2015 we had a chance to talk to Mr.Perry. According to Mr. Perry, the company is very close to sign the first contract with a Russian client, promotion of the aircraft will continue after the exhibition as well. There will be several demo flight performed during next week, due to client's interest. Citation Latitude's price is $ 16.5 million. That is a very competitive price, and the aircraft has a number of advantages, which makes it quite effective when used in Russia (Mr. Perry is referring to the ability to operate the aircraft with relatively short runways and "working" range of 5,000 km.) As for certification in Russia, Textron Aviation feels no hurry with this process.
"We have excellent relations with Russian aviation regulators and as soon as we get the first client, the certification procedure will be launched. It is had to tell you now the specific date, but be sure it will not take a long time "- says Mr. Perry.
Mr. Perry told that changes on Russian market of business aviation are very visibleit is visible. Previosly, there were more large cabin business jet aircraft, now evident shift towards the super and small classes. "We will use this and you can expect from us a" passionate "marketing policy. We have a trump card - very low operating costs, which for the Citation Latitude is just $ 2,500, which certainly will make customers happy in terms of total cost optimization "- sums up Mr. Perry.
Citation Latitude is the latest development of the manufacturer. Beginning of June 2015 Cessna Aircraft has received type certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Citation Latitude and business jet enters the market with improved performance characteristics, including increased range, and improved takeoff and landing characteristics. The maximum range of the new aircraft is 5278 km / 2850 nautical miles, which is 277 km / 150 nautical miles more, the take-off run was reduced to 1091 meters (3580 feet), compared with the previously calculated 1116 meters (3660 feet).
Citation Latitude was the latest development of a new Cessna, where the company used  "crisis management" approach. Some of used and proven technologies and components were used, giving them new features. Latitude got some components of the wing, aft section and PW306D engines of 12-seat Citation Sovereign +. 
Citation Latitude combines the payload, speed and range, corresponding to the requirements of customers with unique capabilities of the cabin. The aircraft has a crew of two and can accommodate nine passengers. The maximum altitude of 45,000 feet (13,716 m) and a maximum cruising speed - 446 knots (826 km / h). The climb to 43,000 feet (13,106 m) takes just 23 minutes.

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