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Visionary eVTOL influencers seek joint venture partner for wingless personal aircraft using NASA-proven propulsion

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Visionary eVTOL influencers seek joint venture partner for wingless personal aircraft using NASA-proven propulsion - Manufacturer publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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The planned joint-venture in Urban Air Mobility space will complete current development work on the Epiphany Transporter, which has recently achieved crucial preliminary design review, then certify the aircraft under the FAA's new and friendlier Light Sport Aircraft category. In lieu of long, burdensome wings, the compact advanced, door-to-door vehicle configuration vaunts morphing, dual-mode, tiltable, ducted thrusters enabling it to hover like a helicopter, and attain very efficient high-speed cruise flight like an airplane.

Key to its impressive utility and vast potential commercial appeal is its predicted 300+ mile normal range; exciting 160-mph top cruise speed; and exceptionally quiet, neighbor-friendly, sound. The craft can accommodate two people, their luggage, plus golf clubs! With its auto-stabilized and distributed propulsion, it is Intended to be simple and safe to operate, about the size of a Tesla Model 'S' automobile, and it will fit into a standard one-car garage with its thrusters folded up. 

The normally unspoken, gorilla-in-the-room, problem with most other one- and two-place personal eVTOL aircraft under development is their very limited useful range of 100 miles or less, and MRR (Mission Radius Range) measured in tens of miles. MRR being the range from point of departure, to point of destination, then back home, without recharging! Having adequate MRR is crucial due to the lack of existing infrastructure to provide suitable and functioning destination recharging units. The Epiphany Transporter's normal (point-to-point) range of over 300 miles, using today's off-the-shelf batteries, provides a MRR of over 140 miles allowing it to access destinations that far away, land, takeoff, and return home, all without the need for recharging!

Originally developed under a $5.1 million DARPA grant, the NASA-proven, patent-pending, ducted thrusters have undergone over a quarter-century of refinement through full-scale flight testing in wind tunnels and several prototype manned vehicles. According to Michael Moshier, Inventor and Chief Design Engineer, "We have every reason to believe in the ability of our proprietary, field-proven, ducted thrusters and leading-edge vehicle design, to perform in flight as expected". 

Joined at the hip with Rob Bulaga, the project Chief Engineer and Senior Aerodynamicist, the Moshier-Bulaga team previously worked together on their ducted fan powered www;SoloTrekXFV.com aircraft, a one-person, strap-on, gas-fueled, personal flying machine. In 2001, the device won Time Magazine's 'Invention-Of-The-Year' award, along with many other world-wide accolades, and today it remains on permanent display at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California.

The team is seeking a joint-venture with a strategic, aerospace-industry partner, to lead the completion of the development work; expedite the full-scale manned prototype-build, testing and certification; and thereafter introduce the Epiphany Transporter to a long-waiting, and eager worldwide marketplace.


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