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Celebrity Pilots - do you know them - Morgan Freeman

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Celebrity Pilots - do you know them - Morgan Freeman - Personalities publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova

PRIVATE PILOT 03/02/2005

Actor Morgan Freeman, best-known for his stoic, smooth-talking characters in The Shawshank Redemption and Million Dollar Baby, has said that he wanted to fly a plane since he was a kid sitting in English class, daydreaming about being a fighter jet pilot.

Freeman joined the Air Force as a mechanic, but would not earn his pilot’s license until he was 65 years old. He owns three planes: a Cessna Citation 501 SP jet, a twin-engine Cessna 414, and a $7.5 million six-seater Emivest SJ30.

Freeman had a brief run-in with the FAA in 2004, when his license was suspended for 45 days for breaking altitude rules, and he’s been in several scares. His most recent incident was en route to Toronto Film Festival, when he had to land a malfunctioning plane four times. Sadly, in 2008 he was in a near-fatal car accident that damaged the nerves and paralyzed his left hand, leaving him unable to fly. He still co-pilots.


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