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Consistency, passion and positive attitude, that is what you need to succeed – meet Omar Hosari

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Consistency, passion and positive attitude, that is what you need to succeed – meet Omar Hosari - Personalities publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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I consider myself a very lucky person. I have the opportunity to exchange with TOP Managers of Aviation Industry globally. It is an amazing source of inspiration, of energy and motivation for me. Some discussions became special discoveries for me and I have to share it with the people that read us. The Co-Owner/Founder and CEO of a globally known company, a very simple, polite and inspiring person… Here is a part of discussion with Mr. Omar Hosari, UAS International Trip Support.

Q. Your way to aviation industry? As your father was among the pioneers. Back in 1950, was it a childhood dream, an evidence, a decision to follow your father’s steps? 

A. Since my father, Hisham, was instrumental in the development of civil aviation infrastructure in many countries in the Middle East, it’s clear that his passion was passed to his family. I began working in aviation at a very early age and it evolved from a part-time job to continue throughout my studies, and then became a full-time job when I co-founded UAS in 2000. It’s such a dynamic and exciting industry- and to survive and succeed you need to be constantly evolving and adapting to changing demands and coming up with new and creative ideas and embracing more and more innovative approaches to industry challenges. Today, I’m proud to be a passionate advocate of global business aviation - both as CEO of UAS and as AsBAA’s representative on the board of IBAC. 

Q. With decades of your experience, can you tell how business aviation industry has changed since you joined it?

A. It’s got busier and more competitive… the pressures and demands on ITPs and operators today are enormous.  It’s gotten more reliant on technology – and once you’re accustomed to something, it changes. The world is smaller now. It’s not enough to operate in just a corner of it – everything is global, it’s all about the most expansive network, the most strategic partnerships. There are a lot of challenges, troubled skies, conflict zones, etc. it is an incredibly delicate industry to navigate operationally and you really need specialist professionals. The industry is getting conscious about providing environmentally friendly solutions in order to achieve sustainability as we now see these movements gaining more momentum which is very promising for the future.   

Q. There are several “names” of industry: business, general, private, which one is the right one in your opinion and why?

In my view, there isn’t just one or right one that can explain or better define the industry. These are terms that are used by our industry peers and each has a different emphasis and it depends on the context. Though, technically speaking General aviation encompasses both business and private aviation. At UAS, we tend to use the term ‘’business’’ aviation more, due to the focus and scope of line it represents.

Q.UAS International Trip Support is a global company, what are important global trends in business aviation you see, what changes are you expecting in the nearest future? 

A. Let’s split my answer to several parts, as each of them is very important and concrete.

  • Customer Experience- Companies are getting conscious about the products and services they provide to ensure they are customer oriented and providing the best and right solutions for them. Putting their customer at the heart of all operations.
  • Sustainability- More concentrated focused on future sustainability: SAFs, materials, sourcing from vendors, etc. 
  • Education and Awareness - Educating industry stakeholders (and the public at large) about the importance of investing in sustainability and the impact they can have 
  • Technology - More technological innovations to simplify aspects of operations, as well as advancements in AI and air mobility
  • Consolidations - More consolidations and partnerships to strengthen offerings and find new markets

Q. Being a part AsBAA and IBAC you have the power to explain, promote and educate about bizav industry, what needs to be improved in this matter? 

A. AsBAA and IBAC already do a fantastic job in their respective regions and speciality areas. The only thing that can always be improved - more collaboration and learning more from each other – wherever we are in the world… the skies belong to us all so it’s vital we work together.  The power of bizav is to transform local and regional economies should be something highlighted much more to decision makers at governmental level – business aviation supports so many additional industries outside of merely aviation, such as hospitality, retail, motor- the beneficiaries are endless.  Business Aviation Industry contribution to reducing carbon emissions is considerably low. We see the associations like IBAC doing workshops raising awareness on CORSIA - Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme and SAJF- Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel and we need to all come together as a sector to support and encourage these initiatives more.

Q. A question I can’t not to ask: your Kilimanjaro quest… How you got the idea? What is the quintessence for you personally after this challenge?

A. The idea was a result of my personal passion for mountaineering met my professional passion for the development of sustainable aviation. (I wish to do the Seven Summits in the next few years). I was tired of the aviation industry getting flack for its carbon footprint when there is so much investment in SAF, for example. I thought it was fair to highlight what the industry is attempting to achieve, and I believe it will. I wanted to do something proactively and in a way no one else had tried to highlight it before. It was also for a good cause as the funds generated by my climb will help run IBAC sustainability seminars at ABACE 2020. 

Thank you for the discussion Mr.Hosari! We wish you and the team of UAS International Trip Support a very successful Dubai Airshow!


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