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Unbelievable Boeing 787 VERTICAL Take-off - Paris Air Show 2015

What happens if you place two former military pilots in the cockpit of a civil airliner? Have a look at this amazing flying display by Boeing during the Paris Air Show 2015. It was a great performance. This Boeing 787 is a 787-9 and will join the fleet of Vietnam Airlines soon.

It` s always a pleasure to watch the flying displays during the Paris Air Show or Farnborough Air Show. If you wanne see civilian planes doing unusual manoevres these Air Shows are the place to be.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a long-range, mid-size wide-body, twin-engine jet airliner developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Its variants seat 242 to 335 passengers in typical 3-class seating configurations. It is Boeing's most fuel-efficient airliner and is a pioneering airliner with the use of composite materials as the primary material in the construction of its airframe. The 787 was designed to be 20% more fuel efficient than the 767 it is replacing

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Tatjana Obrazcova


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