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Dufour Aerospace: Aero3 engaging in patient transport

Aero3 is a tilt-wing eVTOL aircraft that will be capable of assuming the duties of most of today’s light single and twin-engine helicopters while operating at lower costs and higher speeds, making larger market segments accessible for airborne applications. The aircraft is capable of VTOL, STOL and CTOL manoeuvres. Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) allows for redundancy and improved safety. The propulsion system is fully redundant. Aero3 can land like a conventional aircraft if a complete failure of the electric motors should occur in flight.

Areo3 will be the perfect aircraft for interhospital transports of patients and on-site emergency interventions, enabling emergency medical services to ensure even better patient outcomes. Being able to offer enough space for medical transports, Aero3 will also be able to serve urban and regional air mobility markets, private aviation, and logistic applications.

Date: 11 Jan 2022 10:38 (UTC) category:

Tatjana Obrazcova


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