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Living The ICON Life

What can you do in the ICON A5? Well, pretty much anything.

This is what the ICON Life looks like. The ICON A5 is here and ready for delivery. ICON is taking orders and shipping its aircraft to owners.

Maybe you’ve never heard of ICON or the A5. In short, the A5 is an amphibious light sport aircraft (S-LSA). It’s one of the first personal aircraft that can take you almost anywhere, be it a luxury destination, remote island, or grass strip in the backcountry. The A5 also has an optional trailer and foldable wings that allows you to tow it behind your car. You can even pull the plane up and park it at your backyard dock or local marina.

The ICON A5 is a land-based plane and a seaplane with the versatility to function as a boat but also the flexibility to take off and head back to the skies. At ICON, we set out to create a sport airplane that redefines flying, a plane that is extremely safe and easy to fly, but also enables you to unlock adventures typically inaccessible by traditional aircraft. We hope our latest video answers the question as to whether or not the ICON A5 life is right for you.

Date: 18 Jul 2020 06:27 (UTC) category:

Tatjana Obrazcova


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