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Sustainable Aviation Discussion Panel - Flight Training- Novation Academy : how we move towards sustainable operations

The time has come, we are launching our Sustainable Aviation Discussion Panel. A term which is more than actual nowadays. However, it seems useful to us to move forward step by step - defining the field - what is sustainable aviation, what are urgent needs of the industry in order to proceed with the application of many standards and regulations meant to achieve net zero by 2050.

The important thing for us is to let the industry players express themselves - what is their daily reality and efforts in order to reach the goal, what are urgent needs, what is missing, what would be useful and catalysing major advancements.

All together, let's define weak and strong points, problems to be solved as soon as possible as well as the medium and long term objectives.

We have the pleasure to kick off the discussion with Head of Training of Cambodia Novation Academy -Eugene Zakharankau. We thank Eugene for his confidence, his outspokenness, his enthusiasm and passion for aviation! More professionals are like him, more the industry is sure to endure and have future generations. 

Watch, listen, tell us if you agree or not! Do you have a different opinion, a proposal, a solution? We are more than ready to let you speak and move forward together looking for the best solution ideas.

Sustainable Aviation Discussion Panel - Flight Training: how we move towards sustainable operations - Eugene Zakharankau, Head of Training Novation Academy #sustainability #aviation #flighttraining #discussion #panel #NovationAcademy #headoftraining

Date: 09 Feb 2023 19:32 (UTC) category:

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