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Tamarack Aerospace - benefits here and now - interview with Jacob Klinginsmith (part 2)

Preparing first interviews for our Sustainable Aviation discussion panel, having some industry’s insights, it was obvious for us to continue our exchange with Tamarack Aerospace Group to deepen our knowledge on the proposed technology topic. So once again, we exchanged with Jacob Klinginsmith, President of Tamarack Aerospace Group. Watch and listen, here are some points of our discussion:

- first results and impressions after MEBAA Show 2022.

- sustainable aviation – first we need to acknowledge problems to be solved.

- a question on the table - technology for sustainability here and now - what Tamarack can bring.

Active winglets - benefits summary: 

sustainability and fuel burn reduction - Whilst this may be exceptional, most aircraft can expect around 15-20%
reduction in fuel burn using Active Winglet technology.

noise reductions - the use of Active Winglets has the potential to assist in noise reduction. Active winglets can assist in a faster climb and greater climb angle, which can decrease the effective perceived noise levels on the ground. 

 fast to market - the innovative Active Winglet technology developed by Tamarack Aerospace is proven and available now, by 2020 over 100 aircraft had already been fitted. 

FAA and EASA certified - . As a roadmap to certification has been established and because wing reinforcement is not required; the design, development and certification timescales for each new candidate aircraft is rapid at 12-18 months.

retrofittable - Active Winglets are effectively a ‘bolt on’ wingtip solution and therefore much simpler to retrofit to existing aircraft.

applicable to all aircraft - Most aircraft types fitted with Active Winglets will benefit from substantial fuel burn reduction, fatigue life increases and performance benefits, including those previously thought to be poor candidates for winglets due to marginal or negative results with traditional winglet designs. Tamarack has carried out extensive (verified) computer modelling on multiple wide and narrowbody aircraft types such as A320, 737, A340, King Air 90 & 350, Dash-8 and on military platforms like the C130 Hercules.

scalable - Tamarack technology is proven, certified and can be applied to most aircraft types.

economically viable - crucially Active Winglets are a ‘win-win’ for customers financially as well as for carbon emissions reduction. With significant fuel burn reduction plus an increase in fatigue life and payload, airlines will be able to receive a 100% return on investment (ROI) in a very short space of time (1-2 years).


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Tatjana Obrazcova


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