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ZALA 421-16Е5G the first domestic unmanned system with a hybrid power plant

On April 13, the first domestic unmanned aerial system with a hybrid powerplant, the ZALA 421 - 16E5G, was presented.

The non-aerodrome-based system, equipped with a sequential hybrid power plant, is capable of staying in the air for more than 12 hours and covering distances of over 1200 km. The onboard computer based on artificial intelligence, the detection and recognition system process information in real-time. A video navigation system that is used during the flight minimizes the consequences of electronic warfare and ensures that the flight is performed in full radio silence.

The main advantage of the sequential hybrid is the ability to work on a target in the electrical circuit, which reduces the acoustic visibility of the unmanned system.

In addition to optoelectronic payloads, the device is equipped with electronic reconnaissance equipment, communication repeaters, and cellular network monitoring modules.


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Tatjana Obrazcova


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