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Effect of Humidity and Wind

–UmidityBecause of evaporation, the atmosphere always contains moisture in the form of water vapor. This water vapor replaces molecules of dry air, and, because water vapor weights less than dry air, any given volume of moist air weights less-is less dense- than an equal volume of dry air.–Effects of WindSurface winds during takeoffs and landings have, in a sense, an opposite airplane performance to winds aloft during flight. During takeoff, a headwind shortens the takeoff run and increases the...

Airplane performance

Many accidents are occurred because pilots failed to understand the effects that varying conditions can have on aircraft performance.In addition to those of W&B, others, such as density altitude, humidity, winds, runway gradient, and runway surface conditions, all can profoundly influence how an airplane performs.–Density AltitudeAir density can effect airplane performance because it has a direct bearing on the power output of the engine, the efficiency of the propeller, and the lift generated b...

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