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New FAI European Aerobatic Champions

After a brilliant week of flying and a great competition MIKHAIL MAMISTOV and SVETLANA KAPANINA (Russian Walküre) are the new FAI European Aerobatic Champions.AirShop:Stripe. Limited edition. Russian Walküre: http://air.idealscout.com/?page_id=105Stripe. Limited edition. Aircraft.Rebranding: http://air.idealscout.com/?page_id=108

20th European Aerobatic Championship 2016 Unlimited

Hello my friends! Salut mes amis! Hola mis amigos! Hallo meine Freunde!

in Surgut!

The choice of the aircraft for future flights!

The outcome of the Championship of Russia in aerobatics

the First exercise (free know) - gold medal;the Second exercise (free unknow) - gold medal;Absolute champion of Russia (two exercises) women's Cup of a name of Galina Korchuganova team gold medal - "team of Sukhoi" (Moscow)

Memory Of Victor Chmal

For us he is alive! But it is no more... Gone... And never come back...P.S. Thanks to Igor Polyakov for the soul in this video...

Airshow. Kubinka. Russia

The 25th anniversary aerobatic team STRIZHI

lease of SUKHOI

Friends!Will consider your proposals for the lease of SUKHOI for a possible participation in Airshow in Bulgaria (April, 16-17), at the European Championships in the Czech Republic (August, 20-27) and at an Airshow in France (September 10-11). Your offer (the terms of the lease and price) write to my agent: Igor Polyakov ([email protected]).Thank you!

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