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An incredible flexible development tool for businesses and leisure

A lot of research now predicting private aviation sector to emerge from Covid, larger than it was before. Let’s have a look together at some why it would be so. At least these are quite logical explanations in our opinion:We had the pleasure to welcome “first-time customers” The reason is quite simple – travel restrictions made quite evident the importance of such timesaving solution. Some of business class passengers came to business aviation and we hope are here to stay. Securit...

Empty Leg opportunity on Hawker 800XP

Use the opportunity to fly with private jet having "tasty" Empty leg price!Hawker 800XP is at your disposal to fly from Moscow,  or Samara to anywhere you need in France or Switzerland!From 11.02.19 to 13.02.19.Your flight is just one message away - [email protected] us and we will find the best suitable solution for you!