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Date: 31 Mar 2022 06:56 (UTC)

Join Dr. Adnan Branbo in the 11th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS featuring Mr. Abdul Razzak Mikati! Abdul Razzak Mikati is the founder and the managing director of Dubai Technology Partners, a technology and digital transformation service provider that helps airlines and airports in optimizing their operations. Mr. Abdulrazak has more than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, and his company is one of the main providers of technology integration systems for many of the major airlines and airports in the Middle East.


Watch this episode to know Mr. Abdulrazak’s answers to the following questions:

  • You have a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado in the US, which is an amazing educational achievement, but the field doesn’t’ appear to be directly related to aviation. How did you end up working in the aviation industry?
  • During your career, you started other businesses in non-aviation related industries. How does the experience gained from those industries helped you launch your aviation business?
  • Technology is changing the world as we used to know. We hear many writers talking about the fact that software is eating the world, platforms are eating the world, and maybe now we will hear that blockchain is eating the world. What impact does the technology play in optimizing the aviation business and making it better, easier, and more profitable?
  • Providing technology solutions and services to airlines seem to be very big scale long term projects, thus winning such kind of business is not easy at all. How could you manage to grow the company in such a competitive environment where it’s hard to convince customers to switch providers and change the way they used to do business?  
  • It’s very inspiring that local aviapreneurs can provide local expertise and solutions to the region’s airlines and competing with the major international players in this area. How could you achieve that?
  • What lessons have you learnt in your aviapreneurial journey, and what advice can you give to aspiring future aviapreneurs?

All of this and more on the 11th episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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