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Falcon 6X roll out, new project and Dassault situation

Date: 06 Dec 2020 06:26

Some answers regarding the next Falcon aircraft and Dassault situation from TV Interview of Mr Eric Trappier, CEO of Dassault Aviation and President of GIFAS - Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales , on CNEWS :

- About economical situation:

Dassault expect a tough year following the turbulent 2020 and consequences, as said Mr Trappier: "Business aviation (-20%) suffered less than commercial aviation (-60%). 2020 has been a very difficult year for Dassault Aviation as it has been for the entire profession. 2021 will be as difficult. We're waiting for 2022." "The Covid-19 crisis will continue in 2021. For the Paris Air Show, we're thinking about whether we're doing it or if we're not."

-About the next Dassault Falcon aircraft:

Dassault is more on concern on a greener project than the race to the faster aircraft.

"I absolutely don't believe in supersonic for business jets for environmental issues. Dassault does not wish to follow up on a supersonic business jet."

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- Now it's time for the roll out of the new bird which is always a great event in a company's history: "We are looking to the future." and "Next week will be the rollout of the newest, the Falcon 6X before its first flight in 2021." concluded Mr Trappier

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