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Private Jet Dining

Date: 10 Dec 2016 11:52

Standard VIP catering is provided which is appropriate to the length of the flight and the time of day. This would typically be a tray of starters hot and cold, fruit platter and pastries. On larger aircraft, hot food can be requested in advance from the different restaurants of the world. 

Favorite establishments that have packaging designed for the private jet service include Cipriani in New York and Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami, Kisling says. Still, neither deliver, so in addition to ordering, the food has to be picked up, cold packed and then stored at the FBO, the private jet terminal, until it is ready to be loaded on the plane. Transporting food can add hundreds of dollars to the cost. Top secrets catering specialist says, “If you want Nobu, we’ll get you Nobu.” Yet most eateries don’t have private jet compatible packaging, meaning having an experienced caterer in the middle is critical. “There isn’t a lot of space in the galleys. Even an inch or two in packaging can make a difference, so you really have to know all of the planes, the size of the draws and the configurations,” she adds.

The truth is, when flying by private jet, you have endless options to what you can choose to eat. Requests can vary as much as the itinerary of the flight, and you can get pretty much anything your heart (or taste buds) desire.

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