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Gas Turbine Engine Simulation Technology Development Forum 2020

Date: 17 Sep 2020 09:46 (UTC)

【Organizing Committee】

Hosted by:

Aero Engine Cooperation of China Science and Technology Commission 

Advised by:

Chinese Academy of Engineering Mechanical and Transportation Engineering Department

Organized by:


Shenyang Association for Science and Technology

AECC Power Transmission Key Laboratory

Liaoning Key Laboratory of Aero Engine Impact Dynamics

Co-organized by:

Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.


Gas Turbine Engine Simulation Technology Development Forum, based on China National Special Project of Aero Engine & Gas Turbine, is located in Shanghai, China. This forum aims to accelerate the development and manufacturing of aircraft engines and gas turbines. improving the R&D efficiency and quality of aero-engine, reducing the repetition of physical tests, shortening the research period and reduce the research cost. The Gas Turbine Engine Simulation Technology Development Forum 2020 will be held on October 15th - 16th, 2020, in Shanghai.


Global passenger traffic growth will spur passenger airtraffic delivery growth. It is estimated that in the next two decades, China will deliver 9,205 new aircraft of more than 50 seats, with a total value of about $1,4 trillion. Among them, 7,605 passenger aircrafts will be delivered, including 5,958 narrow-body aircrafts and 1,647 wide-body aircrafts. Thus, the demand for aircraft engines will also increase exponentially.

Aero-engine should be used in high altitude, high speed, high temperature, high pressure, high rotation speed and stress alternation chronically, repeatedly and reliably. Compared with the power of other delivery system, aero-engines are the most demanding and complex physical systems in the world. In order to better complete the target of each type of development, scientific and efficient technological innovation and technological breakthrough, improve the maturity of technology, has become a pressing matter of the moment.

Therefore, accelerating the research and application of emulation technique is the only way to realize the independent R&D of commercial aero-engine. Emulation technique is an important means to support the independent R&D of aero-engine, which reflects a country’s high-end equipment R&D level. It can greatly improve the R&D efficiency and quality of aero-engine, reduce the repetition of physical tests, shorten the research period and reduce the research cost.

With the continuous development of China’s manufacturing industry and the continuous optimization of the industrial structure, there are still many weaknesses in the key core areas, and the innovation capacity is still weak and unbalanced. The lack of key core technology is a real pain in the manufacturing industry, and the urgent need of various task is to strengthen the weak areas and enhance weaknesses.

Key Topics to be Discussed

  • The current situation, application and development trend of relevant simulation technology
  • Integrated simulation technology of gas turbine engine, components, system and flight
  • Gas turbine engine pneumatic, combustion, heat transfer, structural strength, materials and other disciplines of simulation technology
  • Multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary design optimization simulation technology


Sara LIU

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