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SAFEsky air travel guidelines Episode 4 - clear for landing

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SAFEsky air travel guidelines Episode 4 - clear for landing - Airlines publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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Ready for the Episode 4? Together with SAFEsky we continue air travel practical guidelines - what and how we can do to make our journey better. Clear for Landing! Frederick Reitz, Managing Director of SAFEsky, is ready for episode four - right things to do and especially not to do during the approach and landing.

  • As soon as you hear we are clear for landing - it means you are 20 minutes out. It means you have enough time to prepare for landing.
  • Look at the setback pocket, take your passeport out. Or your wallet or your cellphone and put everything you need in your backpack, bag.
  • Put your headphones away, put your computer away.
  • People are getting stressed and rushed they are leaving things behind. Remember, airlines are under such a pressure to clean planes and turn them that they are on the ground for maybe 35 minutes.
  • Leaving your passeport o the plane means you can miss connection flight and have problems with custom clearance!
  • Dont be in a hurry to start standing up! 
  • Case study - a captain had to go around just because of a standing passenger during final approach. By regulations, they can not land if somebody is walking down the aisle. Think about all connecting flight which will be missed not even mentioning crash danger.
  • Out of  courtesy  - pay attention to how you take your hand luggage, don't hurt other passengers. Again, out of courtesy - let passengers of rows before yours disembark first! 
  • In case of an incident with one passenger hurting another one by a hand luggage - the airline will be responsible, the passenger who did it will be responsible. The airline has to make a report with all the concequences.
  • When you land and this airport is not your final destination and you have a connecting flight - use latest technology - all possible Apps to check the status, gate number and all updates.
  • Fight in front of the luggage belt - be patient, there is no first and last. Everyone will get the luggage, so  put your bag tag if there are a lot similar to yours, maybe an additional something to recognize. You want to make sure you have your bag, in case you have a bag of someone else there might be problems with custom clearance....
  • Especially frequent flyers have the tendance to repeat same mistakes, thinking they have such a huge flying experience ...
  • Travelling with kids - stay tuned for special episodes dedicated to what we can do different and better flying with kids or flying on the same plane with kids! 

​​Stay tuned for Episode 5


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