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Riga Airport offers a wide range of destinations for safe travels during the summer season

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Riga Airport offers a wide range of destinations for safe travels during the summer season - Airports / Routes publisher
Dana Ermolenko
Country: Latvia Aircraft: Airplanes

As the coverage of vaccination increases and restrictions placed on travel due to Covid-19 decrease, Riga Airport offers to the passengers from the Baltic States a wide network of routes with more than 95 destinations for the summer season.

This summer, flights from Riga are planned by a total of 12 airlines offering regular passenger flights, and two carriers providing charter flights. Alongside the largest carrier, the national airline airBaltic, in near future the following companies have renewed or plan to renew their work at Riga Airport: the Finnish airline Finnair, Polish carrier LOT, German airline Lufthansa, Irish and Hungarian low-cost carriers Ryanair and Wizzair, Turkish airline Turkish Airlines, Uzbek airline Uzbekistan Airways, Norwegian low-cost airline Norwegian, and Russian carriers Aeroflot and Pobeda. 

After a break that lasted 14 years, the airline operating out of Great Britain, British Airways, will return to Riga Airport this summer, and in August they plan to begin flights to Heathrow airport, London.

This summer, regular charter flights from Riga are offered by Aegean Airlines and Smartlynx.

The wide network of routes from Riga Airport include both the most significant European air traffic hubs and popular business, recreation and culture destinations in Europe and Asia. The top of this season’s news includes Aegean island Santorini; Italian cultural and architectural gems of Naples and Pisa; Alicante and Valencia, Spanish cities by the Mediterranean; Tenerife in Canary Islands; and the magnificent and exotic Dubai.

Whereas, if you are a transit traveller, Riga Airport will offer you convenient and fast transfer options for travel to farther destinations.

At the same time, the Airport would like to remind that due to restrictions to mitigate pandemic in Latvia and in other countries, the travellers should pay special attention to requirements set for transfer points and the destination of travel. These requirements may include both a requirement to present the digital EU Covid-19 certificate or another form of attestation of vaccination or recovery, and a necessity to undergo a Covid-19 test before flight, as well as restrictions to movement and self-isolation. If any of the necessary documents is missing, the passenger might not be allowed on the flight.

Information on requirements for travellers to foreign countries may be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, website www.reopen.europa.eu, or at the embassy of the relevant country. You can read of the conditions set for entry into Latvia on the website of the Airport, section titled Covid-19: FAQ.

The Airport would also like to remind that travellers should arrive to their flight in a timely manner, especially if the passenger would like to do a Covid-19 test before the flight. The traveller should also be aware that currently the pre-flight procedures require a longer time than usual because the volume of documents to be checked has increased. To facilitate the process of document verification, the Airport invites the passengers to collect all necessary travel documents in a paper or electronic format, and to prepare it for presentation in a timely manner.

To ensure a safe and pleasant travel, the Airport also invites the passengers to comply with the requirements of epidemiological safety at the airport and during the flight: wear your mask, sanitize your hands, and keep the distance.

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