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6 features of a good aircraft hangar

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6 features of a good aircraft hangar - Business aviation publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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When you go to almost any airport, an aircraft hangar is a common sight to see. Typically, they shelter small private planes that are owned and rented out to clients. 

From the outside, a hangar might simply look like one that's simple and straightforward. But, from the inside, it's a mix of different features. A large or small aircraft hangar is made for various purposes, so the features that must be incorporated largely depend on their function. Thus, when building one, deciding the facility's primary purpose should be a critical part of the project planning process. 

It is essential to keep your vehicle safe from any harmful elements. Aside from this, here are six features that make a good aircraft hangar: 

An Office Space

If you're going to be working from your hangar, an office space will be handy to have. This is also necessary, particularly when you have the hangar rented out to other aircraft. You'll need that quiet space to meet clients and conduct business-related activities. 

You can either add an office space at the back of the hangar or by building out a separate second level. With this, you can maximize your hangar space so you can still have easy access to the plane while having a distinct area for paperwork. 

Wide Space

Whether you're housing only small planes or larger ones, be very generous with the space requirement. The bigger the space, the better. Keep in mind that it should have enough room for whatever maintenance work is required. 

For instance, if the maintenance work involves removing the engine, sufficient space will be needed to maneuver the engine to stand in place, move the engine from the stand to the dollie, and successfully move the engine out of the hangar to the engine floor. Having a vast space ensures the safety and efficiency of the maintenance team. 

Good Location

Most hangars are going to be located close to airports and air bases. Henceforth, wherever your chosen location is, be aware of the different state and federal planning requirements that you have to meet. At the very least, all the legal standards must be satisfied. It should also be easily accessible anytime.

Additionally, the external conditions of the location should be taken into consideration in determining the hangar's design. For instance, the design categories should include terrain categories and wind ratings. 

Lounge Areas

A good hangar is designed with basic comfort in mind. Flying on a private jet is all about convenience. Whether this is for your personal enjoyment or your clients, that comfort begins when they set foot at the hangar.

Having a lounger area is a plus. While waiting for the flight, passengers can relax. If you can allocate a space for it, a small pantry or a kitchenette will be a great addition to make the ambiance more luxurious. 

Be sure to choose lounge furniture that is comfortable, easy to maintain and not just aesthetic.

Design Features

Your hangar should not just be functional; it has to be well-designed too. After all, it has to live up to the expectations set forth when flying privately. With advances in technology, the choice and quality of construction materials have significantly improved. For instance, the steel used in manufacturing hangars can now be designed for almost any type and style you wish to have. 

Your hangar can be designed and built to your requirements like any construction project. Be sure, however, to consider things like:

  • Whether you'll be using the hangar for other purposes apart from storage;

  • The number of aircraft you'll be keeping in the hangar;

  • How wide the span is, for aircraft to safely and easily maneuver around;

  • The types of doors you prefer (e.g., rolling or sliding)

Most often than not, a good hangar equates to a well-designed one that meets its main functions. 

Electrical Requirements

While building, you need to consider the electrical requirements and the facility's capacity. Doing so will also ensure that it is equipped to be able to fulfill its purpose. 

For example, do prioritize the accessibility of multiple power outlets. This is needed during the servicing and maintenance of your aircraft. 


Housing an airplane is only one of the purposes of a hangar.  When it's also for maintenance, the hangar has to be equipped with all the features needed. That way, you're certain to build the best' home' for the aircraft.

The list of aircraft hangar features above is by no means exhaustive. Whether you are building an all-new facility or looking to rent one for your aircraft, you now have an idea of what features make a good hangar. Remember, these features should satisfy functionality, safety, convenience, and of course, aesthetics. 

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