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Geneva Airpark - think about long-term costs

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Geneva Airpark - think about long-term costs - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: Switzerland Aircraft: Airplanes

For some weeks now, we've been enjoying truly summer weather. What impact are the temperatures having on private aircraft? What can really stand up to hail or a heatwave? Certainly not your aircraft’s instrumentation and equipment! During the summer and all year-round, hangaring your aircraft guarantees the condition of your business jet, and far from least, more comfort for your passengers. Nicolas Juriens, Director of Operations at Geneva Airpark, commented: The cost of maintenance, especially for corrosion repair is 2 to 3 times less on an aircraft which has an air solution compared to an aircraft exposed outside” 

One of Geneva Airpark’s hangar success story

Zero defects on the PPI report for a Falcon 2000S recently sold! And it has been sheltered year-round in the Geneva Airpark hangar for the past 8 years.

Options to suit your busy schedule

Regardless of the length of your stopover, even at the last minute, Geneva Airpark offers a wide range of sheltering choices at LSGG.

- 0 to 3hrs

- 3 to 8hrs

- 8 to 24hr or for longer periods.

Since 2022, based on their performances relating to ground movements and optimized stopovers, as well as their environmental efficiency, Geneva Airpark offers its clients a new innovative service.

Geneva Airpark has acquired ITWGSE 7400 Zero Emission eGPUs with the following benefits for our clients:  

  • No more constraints imposed by the airport on the use of APUs (10' after arrival and 30' before departure, Ref AIRAC AMDT 2031)
  • A reduction in costs

These new-generation, high-performance GPUs, which are powered by batteries, are highly maneuverable. They eliminate noise nuisance and fuel use and limit electricity consumption, thanks to an optimal charging time and battery life. 

CO² and NOx emissions reduced by 90-95%.

During their first year of operation, these 100% electric eGPUs provided 900 hours of energy to our clients. In this way, Geneva Airpark actively contributes to the environmental policy developed by Geneva Airport.

More information: http://www.geneva-airpark.ch/






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